On average, the cost of a breach has risen to $4 million per incident - up 29% since 2013.

Over the last few years, companies in every industry sector around the globe have seen their sensitive internal data lost, stolen or leaked to the outside world. A wide range of high-profile data loss incidents have cost organizations millions of dollars in direct and indirect costs and have resulted in tremendous damage to brands and reputations.

Source: IBM Study Ernst & Young Study

Secure Data

Is your business vulnerable to data loss?

Advances in technology and productivity tools have made collaboration in the workplace easier, while also creating new vectors for data to leave the organization. Your customer, corporate, transactional, and personally identifiable data is constantly under threat. Embee can help you implement DLP controls, combining strategic, operational and tactical measures.

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An effective DLP program requires an understanding of:

Embee can help you secure sensitive data across the entire data lifecycle

Implement a data security solution to mitigate data loss risks

Secure Data

Does your business deal with sensitive data?

Data loss is a particularly stressful problem for companies that hold a large volume of personally identifiable information in different legal jurisdictions. Accessing data that may have privacy implications for individuals is sometimes unavoidable, but ensuring that the data doesn’t leave your environment becomes critical. Embee can help you create a structured data loss risk management program and a clear set of controls to mitigate data loss risks.

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Secure Your Remote Workplace

VirtuaPlace offers solutions that ensure seamless, safe and secure workplace.

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Milind Bhatkar

Datamatics Global Services Ltd

The McAfee DLP as a solution from Embee helped us to meet all the criterias of our audit requirements & client’s expectations inspite of having very tight budget restrictions. Embee has a very good sales as well as technical team. Their responses to our queries related to identifying right solution, purchasing & technical evaluation were very fast & efficient. Quick implementation of the solution and support are the key factors to work with Embee and further recommending them to our peers in future.

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Microsoft endorses Embee for the following
Advanced Specializations

Windows Virtual

Azure on Kubernetes

Windows Server and SQL Server
Migration to Microsoft Azure

Linux and Open Source Database
Migration to Microsoft Azure

Identity and Access

Adoption and Change

Embee is Gold Partner of Symantec, McAfee and Trend Micro and has a 90% customer retention for Security Solutions.

Solutions from Embee follow a robust practice of “understand-evaluate-test-implement-transform” to deliver a defined return on investment. Interested?

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