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More than 50% of Cloud-based Businesses Struggle to Control Cloud Costs

Many organizations find it challenging to handle all cloud-related tasks internally, paving the way for Cloud Managed Solutions. We provide end-to-end cloud management, allowing organizations to delegate their cloud operations entirely to us, ensuring efficiency, security, and optimization.

Why Choose Embee's Cloud Managed Services?

As cloud adoption accelerates, organizations seek the best strategies to manage their cloud infrastructure. Whether managing in-house, seeking assistance for specific challenges, or opting for comprehensive cloud management, the goal remains consistent: efficient and secure cloud operations. A misstep can result in: 

Operational Risks

Choosing the wrong management strategy can disrupt critical business processes.

Security Vulnerabilities

Public cloud applications can be susceptible to security threats, necessitating robust protection.

Reduced ROI

Without proper support, transitioning to the cloud can become costly and time-consuming.

Our Commitment to Your Cloud Journey

Embee Software delivers tailored cloud solutions that ensure scalability, seamless deployment, and an integrated approach:

Benefits of Embee's Managed Cloud Solutions

Sturdy Infrastructure

24/7 management ensures a resilient network infrastructure aligned with your business goals.

Centralized Management

All applications and services are managed from a centralized data center, enhancing productivity and resource utilization.

Service Level Commitment

Our Service Level Agreements guarantee consistent service quality and business continuity.

Data Protection

We prioritize data safety, ensuring timely backups and rapid recovery.

Prompt Response

We guarantee swift issue resolution, saving you time and effort.

Vendor Liaison

We interface with cloud vendors, addressing critical issues and recommending cost-saving measures.

Budget Planning

Opt for a monthly service plan tailored to your IT budget.

Maintenance Savings

Reduce IT maintenance costs by outsourcing to Embee.

Regular Updates

Stay updated with the latest technology advancements.

Flexible Solutions

Choose from a range of solutions, including security protection, network monitoring, and more.

Helping Customers Steer their Digital Transformation Journey

Discover how Embee helps businesses achieve success through innovation, dedication and collaboration.

By the Numbers

A Glimpse into Our Track Record and Expertise in Implementing Microsoft Solutions
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Microsoft Certified Resources

Embee’s Microsoft Approved Advanced Specializations

These advanced specializations validate the Embee’s capability to deliver best-in-class specialized services in complex solution areas with Azure.
Harness Azure's capabilities to deploy advanced analytics solutions.
Optimizing post-migration workloads and ensuring data integrity.
Deploy & manage containerized applications using Azure's Kubernetes Service (AKS).
Implement virtualized desktops and apps on Azure for remote workplaces
Offering robust protection mechanisms for your data and applications in Azure's cloud environment.

Embee + Microsoft

Empowering innovations together for a seamless digital future


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Why Choose Embee

Embee stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of IT solutions, with a rich legacy that spans over three decades. Here’s why Embee should be your go-to solutions provider:

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