Educating digital natives presents a unique opportunity

Today’s generation of students are growing up in a digital world. Using digital devices is a huge part of their everyday experience and the role of the educator has to also keep up. The transition to digital within education is leading to a whole lot of new exciting opportunities in creating immersive and collaborative learning experiences.

Powering Research

High Performance Computing for results

Computational resources are a critical part of scientific research and engineering programs. Recent advances in data acquisition, algorithm development, and computer hardware have made High Performance Computing (HPC) fundamentally necessary to remain competitive. As overhead costs continue to rise, research competitiveness is more crucial than ever. Competition for awards is increasing and the ability to perform sophisticated and increasingly realistic modeling, simulation, and data analysis has become a key differentiator.

HPC for significant returns in funding & increased publication counts

Identity and Access Management for the Education Institute

Interactive Learning

Personalized learning through blended experiences

The digital environment is transforming teaching and learning in our schools. Education is no more a one-way street. Today’s smart classrooms are technology enabled where student learning and interaction with the instructor and peers is fully supported through strategic use of collaborative technology platforms. Connected classrooms offer today’s students and teachers easier, affordable, and faster access to information, teaching and learning resources, peers, experts and the wider community.

360°-learning through Audio Visual technology

See how we equipped this leading school to smartly use technology to create a unique brand

Secure Learning

The safety of children is non-negotiable

We live in an imperfect world. The unfortunate reality is that children are at risk even in environments like schools and colleges. Not only from external influences, but also from threats within and from peer harassment. When it comes to the safety of our children, prevention is far better than any cure. With intelligent video surveillance and analytics, monitor and flag suspicious activity through an alert system to ensure that children on campus are safe. It’s more than a regulatory requirement. It’s our duty, as administrators and parents.

Physical Security & Analytics for safe learning environments

Embee can help make IT safer

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Embee works with education providers that are looking to lead the way in leveraging technology to advance learning and development. Technology today provides you with the opportunity to not only answer some of the largest research questions, but also create truly immersive and secure learning experiences. We can help you get there.

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