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Boosting Start-ups with Flexible, Growth-Ready, and Cutting-Edge IT Solutions from Embee

Harness our expertise to drive innovation, scale operations, and navigate the unique challenges of the start-up ecosystem.

Embee's IT Solutions for Start-ups

Embee recognizes the dynamic nature of start-ups and offers tailored technology solutions that align with their growth trajectories and ever-evolving needs. Our solutions are designed to provide start-ups with the agility, scalability, and efficiency they require to thrive in a competitive market.

Embee’s Approach to Assess, Implement, Integrate & Manage IT solutions for Digital Natives/Start-ups

A comprehensive assessment of the current state of the customer, understand their desired state and providing a roadmap to breakdown departmental silos.

Assessment & Roadmap

A comprehensive assessment of the current state of the client, understand their desired state and providing a roadmap to breakdown departmental silos.

Performance Design

An easy to adopt design for highlighting the key performance indicators to plan, monitor, analyse & manage business performance.

Expert Implementation

Implementation of solutions on time and within budget by our expert solution architects.

Comprehensive Training

We train, onboard, and offer post-launch support to your teams for better management and productivity.

Capability Expansion

Building new capabilities to unlock new technical skills and expand business capabilities.

By the Numbers

A Glimpse into Our Track Record and Expertise in Implementing Microsoft Solutions
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Years of Microsoft Partnership

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Microsoft Solutions Implementations

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Microsoft Solutions Partner

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Microsoft Certified Resources

Embee’s Microsoft Approved Advanced Specializations

These advanced specializations validate the Embee’s capability to deliver best-in-class specialized services in complex solution areas with Azure.
Harness Azure's capabilities to deploy advanced analytics solutions.
Optimizing post-migration workloads and ensuring data integrity.
Deploy & manage containerized applications using Azure's Kubernetes Service (AKS).
Implement virtualized desktops and apps on Azure for remote workplaces
Offering robust protection mechanisms for your data and applications in Azure's cloud environment.

Embee + Microsoft

Empowering innovations together for a seamless digital future


Transforming 2500+ Organizations

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Why Choose Embee

Embee stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of IT solutions, with a rich legacy that spans over three decades. Here’s why Embee should be your go-to solutions provider:

From Data to Wisdom: Our Insights

Foster continuous learning and empower growth with Embee Software’s resources, where valuable insights, expert perspectives, and practical guidance converge.

Get In Touch With Our Experts

Our team of experts at Embee is here to help! We’re ready to answer your questions and walk you through our key services and offerings. Let’s work together to achieve your business goals and reach new heights!

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