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From large hospitals to small clinics, healthcare providers operate in an increasingly complex environment. Technological advances and increased regulatory mandates are transforming the industry. Digitization of healthcare data, analytics and mobile technology have opened up large opportunities that leading healthcare providers are capitalizing on.

Intelligent Heatlh

Manage sensitive data effectively

Healthcare providers need to deal with large amounts of patient data. Regulatory compliance, the potential for data analytics, efficient archival and easy retrieval of data has made digitization of patient data a competitive advantage. Embee can help you create a hybrid cloud strategy to ensure that a large volume of data is archived on the cloud, and more sensitive data is on-premise.

Hybrid cloud to get the most out of your data

Automated employee ideation platform for life sciences

Connected Health

The move to mobile healthcare

With better bandwidth, lower cost mobile devices and an increasingly busy patient base, leading healthcare providers have started to provide mobile healthcare. Embee can help you implement a Collaboration solution that could allow your doctors to consult with patients for non-critical situation remotely, connect staff across hospitals and even leverage overseas consultants through a lifelike video conferencing solution.

Communication & Collaboration for better patient outcomes

Mobility to enable doctors on rounds with patient information

Secure Health

Protect patient data confidently

Dealing with and protecting sensitive patient data can be a huge challenge. Data Integrity solutions from Embee can help you avoid data loss, data leakage and anyone from copying patient data and walking out the door. Combine that with secure enterprise mobility to make sure that data that is accessible on a mobile device is truly secure, yet enables you to provide better levels of patient care.

Secure data to build patient confidence at a leading hospital

Take a look at how we helped make IT work for this large hospital chain

Proactive Health

Video Analytics to drive utilization

Ever wondered what parts of the hospital get the most traffic? The answer to that question could really help drive promotional marketing within hospitals. It could also drive large decisions like OPD utilization, etc. Embee’s video surveillance and analytics solutions can really help connect the dots. It can also ensure that security is never compromised – not just after the fact but also proactively, through timely alerts.

Video Analytics for better resource utilization

Video Surveillance can save money and improve the patient experience

Featured Clients

Featured Clients

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Embee works with healthcare providers that are looking to lead the way in leveraging technology to provide a better patient experience. With the growth of patient data, advances in predictive analytics and utilization planning and interoperable platforms, there’s a whole world of opportunity out there. We can help you get there.

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