Fintech Innovation is truly changing the game

Gone are the days when the world of financial services was more focused on the same, static, highly profitable business models. With innovation today from all quarters (crowd funding, peer to peer lending, digital payments, bit coin, etc.) its time to take a serious look at what technology can offer an established provider of financial services. The future holds immense promise.

Secure Finance

How safe is your most precious
asset – data?

Customer data has always been the cornerstone of making critical decisions in the realm of financial services. With access to highly confidential and sensitive customer and transactional data, it is imperative to put in place the most stringent policy and technology frameworks to safeguard data. The industry is also heavily regulated and prevention of any data leakage, managing access rights and authentication of employees (and customers) is critical. A well thought through and scalable technology solution can help you secure your organization.

Data Integrity solutions help protect data & insulate you from risks

Identity and Access Management for a Public Sector Bank

Connected Finance

The path to disruptive innovation leads to the cloud

Financial services providers today are battling for a share of the pie with digital disruptors and innovators. The key to staying agile and nimble is to leverage a platform that is scalable & flexible, yet robust and; secure. A cloud solution to storing data, and providing various services could be the answer. It also helps in developing products faster to meet customer demand as well as providing an additional layer of security when it comes to data protection and disaster recovery.

Private cloud solution to manage data efficiently

Disaster Recovery platform offers the perfect backup

Customer Engagement

Its time you started to bank on mobility

Access to real-time information allows for faster and more informed decision-making. Wealth management consultants, financial advisors, insurance agents, mortgage lenders and other financial services representatives need to pull up real-time information about customer accounts, portfolios, transaction history and more when meeting with clients out of the office. With a secure enterprise mobility solution, this can quickly become a reality.

Enterprise Mobility to engage customers securely

Embee can help make IT mobile

Featured Clients

Featured Clients

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Embee works with financial service providers that are looking to lead the way in leveraging technology to become increasingly customer centric and stay nimble. Technology today provides you with the opportunity to build more relevant business models, secure your enterprise and create a platform of rich innovation. We can help you get there.

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