Unlocking value in Manufacturing hinges on how well you deploy technology

Information Technology plays a large role in the manufacturing industry globally. The information intensive nature of manufacturing across all activities from making production related decisions, to finding more efficient delivery processes, to better utilization of resources and ultimately optimizing (and eliminating) activities can create true efficiencies.

Connected Manufacturing

Collaborating across extended enterprises

Manufacturing today is a complex business. With an increasingly global supply chain, multiple manufacturing plants, sales & head offices in various locations, creating visibility can be a challenge. That’s why leading manufacturers are adopting a collaborative approach to connecting the dots to gain visibility, make decisions faster and create real barriers to entry.

Workforce empowerment using a SharePoint solution

Using Office 365 to boost business efficiency

Smarter Decisions

Staying one step ahead depends on how much you know

Making better decisions is only possible when you can see the entire picture. In order to empower employees, they need access to critical data at the right time. Integrating an easy to deploy ERP solution like SAP Business One is the way that most manufacturing companies are choosing to go. It’s the only way to develop new revenue streams, reduce supply chain costs, accelerate production times, and minimize wastage and re-work. That’s what we call tangible, bottom-line value-add.

Business Transformation to support global customers

Streamlining processes for print & packaging

Scalable Enterprises

Don’t let physical location be a bottleneck when it comes to data

Leading manufacturers are singularly focused on one thing. Making it as easy as possible to work with from a supply chain, distribution and services point of view. When you combine that with the constant pressure to increase accuracy, reduce process time and leverage internal knowledge, it’s no wonder that the best are now turning to cloud solutions. A hybrid cloud solution can enable you to keep archived data and corporate services on the cloud, while retaining core applications on-premise.

Hybrid Cloud solutions to streamline manufacturing capabilities

Embee can help Make IT Easier

A virtualization solution for a leading public-sector firm

Secure Facilities

Physical Security is much more than keeping people safe

Video based surveillance systems are a great deterrent, as well as a useful fall-back safety system. But it can be so much more. Add in a layer of analytics onto video and your world just opened up. You can now proactively make policy decisions on health & safety, receive alerts when it comes to hazardous situations for employees and even drive productivity & utilization decisions through observing trends and patterns.

Intelligent Physical Security to find areas of opportunity

Manage access intelligently to support processes

Featured Clients

Featured Clients

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Embee works with manufacturing companies that are looking to lead the way in leveraging technology to gain competitive advantage. Technology today provides you with the opportunity to integrate the entire supply chain, gain visibility, and create efficient, connected enterprises. We can help you get there.

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