Staying Connected with Consumers

The media and entertainment sector is at the heart of a rapid transformation where current business models continue to coexist alongside the new emerging models. The need of the hour is to find ways by which media companies can best connect with their audience and get the right content delivered through the right media, according to the customer’s choice of communication and style.

Confident Storytelling

Dealing with Sensitive Data

A data breach for a media and entertainment company can not only hurt the organization’s reputation, it can bring normal business operations to a complete halt and cost extraordinary amounts. A virtualized desktop solution could help you protect confidential information, by ensuring that your data is not only centralized, but also secure.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure to help connect the dots

Embee can help Make IT Easier

Content Fragmentation

Industrialization of the Media Industry

Digital is changing how media is created, distributed and monetized. Its also made storing and accessing large amounts of data a real challenge. Embee can help you with a hybrid cloud solution that allows you to archive data on the cloud, while keeping data that you need today, on-premise.

Adopting the right cloud strategy can make your data work for you

Hybrid Cloud for the Advertising Industry

Secure Mobility

Protect data while you are on the move

While being mobile is an integral part of the media industry, keeping data safe has become a challenge that you need to address. Embee can help you with avoiding data breaches, securing mobile devices, crafting the perfect rights management solution, ensuring that your IT Infrastructure is equipped with the right firewalls, gateways and much more.

Enterprise Mobility solutions that are flexible, yet secure

Protect your IT Infrastructure and keep your data safe

Shifting Boundaries

Direct-to-consumer is the new paradigm

Transitioning to a more direct-to-consumer world is a challenge for many media companies. To generate rich content, teams working across locations need to work as a cohesive unit in real-time. Collaboration and Communication solutions from Embee can help.

The power of collaboration to overcome the challenges in today’s fast paced world

Delivering Agility, Collaboration and 24/7 Availability

Featured Clients

Featured Clients

Continue the Conversation

Embee works with Media companies that are looking to lead the way in the digitization of the media industry. Changing consumer behavior and expectations, especially among younger generations who demand instant access to content, anytime, anywhere are reshaping the way you need to think about technology. We can help you get there.

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