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Global Manufacturer Achieves Reliable and Fast End-User Availability with Embee’s End-To-End Desktop and Application Virtualization Solution

Our customer is a global manufacturer and marketer of valves and steam equipment. In existence for over 3 decades, they are amongst the world’s fastest-growing business groups in the flow control industry. They have a presence in 60 countries with manufacturing locations in 3 continents and employees across the globe.

Despite a highly dedicated global workforce, our customer’s growth was hindered due to the restrictive nature of their existing IT systems. They were using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to enable end-user applications and database access from anywhere.

However, the less than ideal performance, inherent data security concerns, device compatibility challenges, and burgeoning costs were concerning. As a leading cloud service provider in India, Embee’s end-to-end desktop and application virtualization solution helped them meet all their requirements.

Complex Enterprise Application was Hampering Performance of Customer’s Business Operations

Our customer had adopted a series of complex enterprise application infrastructure including Remote Desktop Services (RDP). However, the performance of these solutions was less than optimal. The customer was looking to address the following challenges: –

Unreliable Response Times

Routine tasks such as logging into the operating system or launching the mail application would take several minutes leading to lower productivity and hampered the company’s image during customer engagements. Moreover, additional measures are taken to secure data transfer lead to increased response times and impeded performance.

Device Compatibility

While RDP is a robust method of accessing centrally hosted applications and data, its support for and compatibility with non-traditional devices – including platforms, operating systems and hardware is limited. For our customer’s employees, the user experience was vastly inconsistent across various devices.

Data Security

The customer’s existing landscape was highly complex yet open, making data security a major challenge. Multiple devices had access to centralized data and applications.

High Costs and Complexity

The customer was using thick clients for all employees. These were costlier than thin clients in their management, maintenance, and updates. Complicated processes also lead to increased operating expenditures.

Implementation of Desktop and Virtualization Solution Helped in Reducing Costs and Enhancing Performance

Embee recommended a desktop and application virtualization solution by Citrix built on top of Embee’s nimble and architecture model. This solution gives employees the freedom to work from anywhere while cutting IT costs. Here are some of the salient feature of the solution:

High Octane Performance

Embee implemented a hypervisor to support the customer in the creation and management of virtualized server infrastructure. The customer achieved complete control of their entire server infrastructure and could now address performance issues in real-time.

Network & Server Load Balancing

We used the XenServer Workload Balancing Virtual Appliance and NetScalar MPX 5500 to ensure dynamic load balancing enabling fast and secure data and application delivery with high availability.

Consistent and Familiar User Experience

Our solution allowed the customer’s IT administrators to have a single instance image management of all VMs. This delivered two major benefits – easier VM management and consistent user experience across users and devices. Modifications in the single instance image will result in the same changes being replicated across all client machines.

Secure Centralized Access With Better Infrastructure Performance

All data and applications are stored securely in a centralized location and employees can access their familiar desktop, applications, and data securely and reliably from any location or device.  Some of the benefits provided by our solution include:

Significantly Improved Performance

The implementation of virtualization, load-balancing, and specific performance enhancements significantly improved infrastructure performance. Time to log in log off machines reduced by over 70%.

Lower Expenditures and Operational Costs

Embee delivered the most cost-effective solution via virtualization, thin clients-based architecture, and single-instance image management. Procurement and operating costs were reduced drastically.

Robust Security

Embee’s virtualized setup ensures that customer’s applications and data remain protected in the datacenter and no traces of information are left on vulnerable end-user devices.

Near-zero Device Dependency

Through app and desktop virtualization users gain secure remote access to the apps, desktops, and data across devices thereby increasing productivity and cutting down dependency on a single device.

Embee provides a wide range of solutions to enable seamless and cost-effective digital transformation for businesses. With 500K+ active seats on Office 365 and the experience of 120k+ virtual machines deployed and managed – Embee is your partner that can help you transition effortlessly. Connect with a team of certified experts to accelerate growth, design a future-ready strategy, increase savings, and amp up productivity. Bring out the best in your workforce cost-effectively with VirtuaPlace.

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