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Embee Implemented Azure Virtual Desktop Solution to ensure secure remote access to workloads for a leading healthcare solution provider

Our customer is a leading national provider of revenue cycle management (RCM) and health information management (HIM) solutions. They provide end-to-end solutions to successfully resolve our clients’ billing challenges, while embracing their overall business operations.

The employees access data of their customers in a HIPPA compliant and secure manner within their premises. Applications like Citrix workspace, VM Ware horizon, Fortinet Web filter were used to access customer’s database as per their requirements. Due to the COVID-19 situation, the employees have to work from home and were unable to access end customers applications using their own devices.

Therefore, they required a dynamic solution that allows our customer’s remote workforce to access the end customers’ database and their own applications securely and seamlessly from home. Embee team suggested the solution of AVD (Azure Virtual Desktop) to enable all their employees to work using their own devices.

Inability to access applications remotely in a secure manner resulted in process inefficiency and decreased productivity.

The customers applications are built on various technologies that needs to be access in secure manner ensuring data integrity and security.

They were looking for a solution through which their employees can work from home during pandemic with all security checklist governed by their end customer and without any loss of productivity.

They have a Tenant domain registered in USA with different domains provider what made adding new users difficult. Our AVD experts recommended them to register a new Tenant domain for Indian users to access AVD solution.

Customer has evaluated various VDI technologies where security and extra licenses cost was a major concern. Embee offered Azure Virtual Desktop solution for establishing private connectivity between On-premises and Azure.

Embee offered AVD Solution for safe remote access, lower costs, and improved performance.

We hosted Azure Virtual Desktop on Azure and deployed more than 1100 users in the Azure AD and AVD application group. Users can access their application via Remote Desktop Client using their Laptop/mobile/MacOS/Computer.

Their employees can work from home as per their shift and access all the applications in a single window 24*7 without any dent in their productivity.

Implementation of Azure Virtualization Solution gave employees freedom to access applications anywhere anytime on any device securely.

Embee recommended a windows virtualization solution on Azure which allows employees to work from anywhere in a secure way while cutting IT costs. Some of the benefits provided by our solution include: –

High Performance

Embee implemented a hypervisor to support the customer in the creation and management of virtualized server infrastructure. The customer achieved complete control of their entire server infrastructure and could now address performance issues in real-time.

Lower Expenditures and Operational Costs

Embee delivered the most cost-effective solution via virtualization, thin clients-based architecture, and single-instance image management. Procurement and operating costs were reduced drastically.

Robust Security

Embee’s virtualized setup ensures that customer’s applications and data remain protected in the datacenter and no traces of information are left on vulnerable end-user devices.

Near-zero Device Dependency

Through app and desktop virtualization users gain secure remote access to the apps, desktops, and data across devices thereby increasing productivity and cutting down dependency on a single device.

Get the best AVD experience delivered on Azure with Embee

Azure Virtual Desktop is a comprehensive desktop and app virtualization service running in the cloud. Deploy and scale your Windows desktops and apps on Azure in minutes and get built-in security and compliance features.

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