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Embee Implements Ecommerce Application with Microsoft Azure Cloud for a Well-Known Pump Manufacturing Company

We at Embee support cloud transformation from strategy to implementation and beyond for our customers. We simplify management of the new/existing infrastructure and platform with comprehensive managed services, thereby expediting business transformation and enabling innovation– that’s in the DNA of the organization.

Embee’s capabilities on the Azure Cloud are also demonstrated with its advanced specializations in Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop, Linux and Open-Source Database Migration to Microsoft Azure, Windows Server and SQL Server Migration to Microsoft Azure, Azure on Kubernetes, and Identity and Access Management.

About the Company

Our customer is a world-class pump manufacturing company with expertise in engineering and manufacturing fluid management systems. They provide complete fluid management solutions for large infrastructure projects in water supply, power plants, irrigation, oil & gas, and marine & defense. Our customer manufactures industrial, agriculture & domestic pumps, valves, and hydro turbines.

Our Customer’s Challenges

The existing workloads of the customer were hosted on a local data center with legacy hardware. Due to this, they faced compliance, cost management, scalability, security, High Availability, and performance issues. The key challenges are:

  • Host e-commerce website on public Cloud
  • Stand in need OSS on Azure i.e., MySQL DB, VMSS, Cache Services, Azure Firewall on Azure
  • Autoscaling of the application and PaaS database
  • Application and database performance
  • Infrastructure monitoring and unified visibility
  • Infrastructure scalability and flexibility
  • Cost Management
  • Infra and application security

What We Offered

The benefits and results of the solution became visible from the very initial days of the implementation. Now, the organization enjoys:

  • Better Database performance by leveraging open-source- MySQL database PaaS service
  • VMSS created for autoscaling the application VMs
  • Leveraging OSS on Azure for better performance
  • Redis Cache has been deployed for Cache services of application services
  • Private endpoint has been configured for Internal connectivity of Azure resources
  • Increased application delivery performance using private connectivity
  • Achieved business continuity, application, and database high availability
  • Unified visibility and control for infrastructure security

Technologies Used

We used the following technologies for implementing the eCommerce application and security:

  • MySQL Database
  • OSS Virtual Machines (CentOS)
  • Redis Cache
  • Azure Files
  • CDN
  • Application gateway
  • Load balancer
  • Private endpoint
  • Azure Firewall
  • Azure Security centre
  • Azure Policy
  • Azure Monitor
  • Azure Availability set
  • Azure Storage
  • Azure Key vault
  • Azure Automation
  • Azure Backup
  • Azure Site recovery
  • Azure Active directory
  • Azure RBAC
  • Azure cost management

Impact of the solution:

The cloud solution executed helped our customers to meet their client’s compliance needs while guaranteeing data security and high application availability for top-notch performance. Some of the benefits provided by our solution consist of:

  • Hosting e-commerce application on OSS solution, i.e., a combination of IaaS & PaaS platform of Azure and leveraging Microsoft well-architected framework
  • High availability and secure access to the e-commerce application
  • Betterment in the core of e-commerce application performance and availability
  • DevOps will help customer developers to pipeline their code from testing to production
  • It will help the customer’s e-commerce platform application, which is hosted on OSS, to automate the scaling of servers on Azure
  • We have consistently achieved standardized deployment of OSS on Azure for the customer with the help of Azure DevOps
  • With DevOps, we have accelerated the provisioning.
  • Created a continuous integration/build pipeline in Azure DevOps

Succeeding in achieving excellent results with Microsoft Azure Cloud

The customer is now reassured with a cost-effective, scalable, reliable cloud solution, saving on significant infrastructure costs, and providing unprecedented peace of mind. The solution is universal.

The benefits of such migration are being more widely adopted to reduce costs and attain the desired scalability and uptime. It can be applied to any organization running business-critical applications with variable utility.

Here are some of the key solutions and benefits of Azure Migration-

  • Rehost Infrastructure on Azure IaaS platform.
  • Modernize backend using Azure SQL managed instance.
  • Modernize data warehouse solution using Azure Synapse.
  • Automation of infrastructure using Azure automation.
  • HA & DR for Windows and SQL platform.
  • Application monitoring using application insights.
  • Unified visibility and security control.

With Embee’s dedicated consultation, robust delivery, and reliability of the Azure platform, the customer is also expanding their Azure utilization by migrating the rest of the entities to the cloud.

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