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Data Analytics- A powerful Business Intelligence Platform by Embee​

Microsoft Power BI based Data Analytics and Business Intelligence solution by Embee to help you decide better, win more customers, beat competition, and boost profits.

Create a Data-driven culture with Microsoft Power BI based Data Analytics Solutions

Real-time data access

Expedite innovation and time-to-market with a wide range of end-to-end solutions/services

Protect your data

With secure access control you can decide who can access sensitive information and on what levels.

Self-service Analytics

Create and share compelling reports & interactive dashboards on your own in a matter of minutes.

Sharing insights anytime, anywhere

Share dashboards and reports to anyone in your organization easily, anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Predictive Analysis

Analyze current and historical data to make predictions about future events to take right decisions.

Data Visualization

Our business intelligence and analytics platform comes with interactive graphs and charts and heat maps.

Empowering 5 million + Users to Transition from Data to Discoveries to Decisions within Minutes

Embee helps its Customers make Smarter, Faster and Better Decisions with Data Analytics

Take a step towards the future; a seamless transition to data-centric operations and AI-driven solutions is now within your reach. Connect with us to leverage these exclusive offers and propel your business into the new era of digital innovation.

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Azure Innovate MVP (POC/Pilot) for Analytics
Discover what our analytics solutions can do for you with our Proof of Concept (POC) or Pilot offer. Try out Microsoft’s Azure Synapse, Microsoft Fabric, and Power BI Premium for 15 days and see how they fit your needs.
Azure Innovate MVP (POC/Pilot) for AI

Embark on a journey towards AI expertise with our 15-day Proof of Concept (POC) or Pilot offer. Explore the cutting-edge capabilities of Azure Open AI and Azure Cognitive, and the transformative potential of AI for your business operations.

Eligibility: Subject to verification by the Embee business and technical teams.

Embee's Approach to Assess, Implement, Integrate & Manage Data Analytics Solutions

Comprehensive assessment

A comprehensive assessment of the current state of the client, understand their desired state and providing a roadmap to breakdown departmental silos.

Modern Data Infrastructure

Help our clients own an integrated modern data lake/ warehouse with an architecture using proven set of logical designs, comprehensive models and actionable metrics.

Performance Management

An easy to adopt design for highlighting the key performance indicators to plan, monitor, analyze & manage business performance.

Innovative Data Analytics

Leveraging data to achieve predictive and prescriptive analytics, thus making a room for innovation using ML/AI.

Experience it to believe it! See it.

Helping Customers Steer their Digital Transformation Journey

Discover how Embee helps businesses achieve success through innovation, dedication and collaboration.

BARC India, a professional data services provider in the broadcasting and advertising industry, faced challenges in handling and analyzing large amounts of data crucial for efficient media planning and content decisions. Embee provided a solution featuring Power BI Dashboards that enabled dynamic, automated reporting, and powerful data analysis. It gave them access to real-time data, attractive visualizations, and easy data discovery through natural language queries, thereby improving the adoption of reports and aiding in tracking crucial business metrics.

Dynamic & Automated reporting

Powerful data-analysis with Visualizations & UI​

On-the-go availability of reports

“Embee’s solution transformed our data analysis, turning a cumbersome process into a streamlined, insightful experience. With Power BI Dashboards, we now have real-time data at our fingertips, empowering us to make informed decisions swiftly.”


Embee’s Power BI and Data Analytics solutions for every business

Analytics, automation, and AI are deeply integrated throughout our product and service portfolio. Combined with our deep industry expertise, they allow us to help our clients operate with new agility across all their business functions.

Food & Beverage

The food industry is worth $81 trillion globally, which also means there is a ton of data here waiting to be processed and analysed. Here are the key KPIs to make most of out of your investment-


More than 50% of manufacturers use engineering technology implemented five years ago or earlier. Here are the key KPIs to make most of out of your investment-



93% of shippers and 98% of third-party logistics companies believe that data analytics is critical to making intelligent decisions. Here are the key KPIs to make most of out of your investment-

Education Embee


The big data analytics in retail market is expected to reach USD 13.26 billion by the end of 2025. Here are the key KPIs to make most of out of your investment-

Food & Beverage

The food industry is worth $81 trillion globally, which also means there is a ton of data here waiting to be processed and analysed. Here are the key KPIs to make most of out of your investment-

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Embee’s Microsoft Approved Advanced Specializations

These advanced specializations validate the Embee’s capability to deliver best-in-class specialized services in complex solution areas with Azure.
Harness Azure's capabilities to deploy advanced analytics solutions.
Optimizing post-migration workloads and ensuring data integrity.
Deploy & manage containerized applications using Azure's Kubernetes Service (AKS).
Implement virtualized desktops and apps on Azure for remote workplaces
Offering robust protection mechanisms for your data and applications in Azure's cloud environment.

Embee + Microsoft

Empowering innovations together for a seamless digital future


Transforming 2500+ Organization

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