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Standardize and Optimize Business Processes with a Single Integrated, Proven ERP Platform Based on SAP Business One

Transform the way you manage logistics, fleet, inventory, and customer relations, ensuring a more connected, agile, and responsive business model tailored for the dynamic needs of the transportation industry.

Optimizing Transportation & Logistics: Key SAP Business One Features for Streamlined Vehicle and Freight Management

Gain unprecedented flexibility in your logistics management with best-in-class functionality delivered by Embee’s comprehensive transportation and logistics management solution, based on SAP Business One. Reduce blockades, supervise inbound and outbound processes, and optimize routes, transfer orders & deliveries. With innovative tracking capabilities, simplify management across your logistics network.

Vehicle Management

Maintain all vehicle related information including insurance, history, accident records, amongst others for each vehicle in your fleet.

Multi-Dimensional Storage Locations

Comprehensive warehouse mapping with unique area codes to aid management of all storage locations based on location, type, code, accessibility and more.

Route Manager

Comprehensive view of route, journey details, expenses, kilometers, bays between source to destination, etc. and new route updates.

Freight Cost Management

Integrated view of the logistics costs at the beginning of the order-to-cash processes to help reduce freight management cost.

Trip Manager

Get a complete overview of the travels made with information such as driver expenses, fuel consumption, repairs amongst others all available easily.

Challan Mapping

Simplified mapping of receipts, challan, Invoices and other important documents.

Vehicle Calibration

Easy maintenance of all calibrations done on a particular vehicle including servicing record, fitness check, tax and insurance details, spare parts and more.

Improve Efficiency and Enhance Profitability by Addressing Strategic Business Challenges

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