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Redefining Business Intelligence with Embee

Discover the power of SAP Business One HANA with Embee – Enhance your data processing, gain real-time insights, and streamline your business operations for improved efficiency and decision-making.

Transform Your Business Management with SAP HANA

Designed to address your enterprise’s comprehensive analytics requirements, SAP Business One HANA helps you overcome complexities in critical processes and quantify results to improve the bottom-line impact. With its in-memory computing platform, it can analyse massive amounts of data in real-time and present to you with valuable insights for informed decision-making.

Why SAP Business One HANA?

Tap into the power of embedded analytics to gain real-time insights, improve efficiencies, and analyse data accurately.

Key Features of SAP Business One HANA

With the speed and efficiency of the HANA in-memory database, transforming the way businesses operate.

In-Memory Computing

Analyze vast amounts of data from various sources in real-time to extract business insights

Pervasive Analytics

Track KPIs and performance on pervasive dashboards

Intuitive Reporting

Assess progress on easy-to-understand, interactive reports

Intelligent Forecasting

Leverage statistical forecast to improve decision making

Role-Based Cockpits

Predefined cockpits for sales, purchase, finance and inventory, simplified access to stock information and improve ERP experience

MS Excel Integration

Generate reports in familiar layout designing of Microsoft Excel

Widgets Gallery

Predefined widgets for dashboard, KPI, count, workbench for improved efficiency

Advanced Analytics

Analyze Big Data to make profitable decision and improve revenue generation

Our SAP Business One HANA Offerings

SAP Business One HANA can be your one-stop solution for all your analytics needs. With ERP, reporting and analytics together, the solution addresses your diverse analytics need without plugging into any third-party analytics software. Here’s more about how you can drive our technical expertise in the solution implementation process.

License Procurement

SAP license procurement and deployment services

SAP Business One Implementation

Comprehensive consultation & implementation services

Customization with Add-Ons

Customization with Embee’s SAP-approved add-ons

Intelligent ERP

Better performance guaranteed with deeper insights, AI and IoT-integration

SAP Business One Support

Dedicated support services with 24X7 issue/query resolution

Embee and SAP

Partnering in Your Success: Top SAP Business One Implementation Partner.

Helping Customers Steer Their Digital Transformation Journey

Discover how Embee helps businesses achieve success through innovation, dedication and collaboration.

Transforming 2500+ Organizations

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Why Choose Embee?

Embee stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of IT solutions, with a rich legacy that spans over three decades. Here’s why Embee should be your go-to solutions provider:

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