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Things to Consider Before Choosing a Right SAP Partner

Given the higher dynamics of business, building an SAP landscape for an enterprise is a difficult, time-consuming, and rather an expensive process. If not done properly, it becomes the most unimaginable catastrophe in regard to loss of time, money, and resources.

According to Statista, 64% of respondents felt that their ERP implementation initiatives had taken longer than expected because of inadequate direction and firm guidelines. Furthermore, 40% of ERP systems experience severe operational disruption as a result of unstructured legacy systems, process failure, and a lack of SAP competence.

There are several situations like these that highlight the flaws of the current system and the need for a quality partner or a service provider to accomplish the goal. Thus, opting for the best SAP partner is vital for streamlined guidance, leadership, and follow-up which could drive a high degree of business success. Ideally, an SAP partner should possess sustaining and relevant skills to structure a perfect deployment schedule, manage the best SAP implementation and support a sustaining and long-term goal.

How to Choose the Best SAP Implementation partner?

Check the technical expertise

In-depth knowledge and insight into the software are vital for the process. Along with product expertise, an SAP partner needs to be familiar with how the new ERP solution will integrate with the current software solution and technology updates. You can find out the authenticity by case studies, deployed knowledge, accolades received from the market, awards, and given reviews.

The SAP Business One implementation partner team of Embee is knowledgeable, technically qualified, and experienced. Examining your partner’s industry experience in effective software implementation projects will give you a solid idea of the difficulties and chances of project success. Thus, gauging the technical accomplishment of the company is foremost for opting for the best SAP partner.

Analyze the industry expertise

Analyze the implementation partner’s background for establishing SAP ecosystems in the business segment that you are working on. When planning SAP modules, it’s possible that you’ll need to modify or add new features to a module that’s vital for your industry. Thus, your partner needs to be technically knowledgeable and have expertise working in any similar field. In order to understand your team and the industry’s best practices, they also need to be familiar with the industry`s DOs and Don’ts.

They ought to be knowledgeable about compliance standards and industry rules. You can enquire about their varied ERP experience, additional software expertise that you can include with the new ERP system, and how they plan to apply the same for your company. Embee`s implementation strategy is undoubtedly best for any business, which has been developed through 30+ years of experience.

Evaluate the compatibility

Different firms have different ways of handling problems. It is entirely up to their ideas and expertise to ensure that projects are successful in the best manner. Hundreds of decisions and a lot of work go into an SAP deployment, which can take months or years to complete. Throughout the process and even beyond, your team must be able to work together with the implementation partner. A potential implementation partner can attempt to persuade you of their technical know-how process, as well as their work ethic and cooperative nature.

Here, you need to consider whether your staff and the partner get along to reach the drafted goal. Do they exhibit professionalism, initiative, and a customer-focused attitude? Make sure your implementation partner will provide consistent and trustworthy service for your project. At Embee, we promise to offer you such ordinarily customer centric professional assistance.

Build the methodology

When adopting an SAP system, it is essential to comprehend the technique of the implementation partner. Try to understand the methodology that has been planned to be used to finish the project. It’s important to comprehend the factors that could affect their strategy.

A technique for execution should be clearly outlined and show how their own expertise would back up their strategy. Make it clear that the methodology shouldn’t be a carbon copy of the SAP ERP vendor’s approach or a generalized strategy that any installation partner might use for any SAP system. Hence, figuring out the methodology is co-related to choosing the best SAP partner.

Measure the support after implementation

After installation, you must guarantee that your new SAP system performs as planned to help your organization reach its objectives. How are you going to deal with any problems that arise when using SAP software for fundamental business functions? As a result, you should assess if your partner can identify and resolve fresh problems and, if necessary, provide additional training or assistance. Thus, post-implementation is another vital aspect of the business. In this case, Embee has a separate team of post-delivery support and assistance who keeps responding to the customer queries on immediate bases.

Build a relationship with the solution vendor

Due to the fact that they serve as a bridge between you and the vendor, an implementation partner needs to have a solid working connection and compatibility with solution providers. If there is a clear line of communication between the solution partner and the software vendor, then any issue can be addressed in regards to adjustment from the vendor side, or problems that emerge with software deployment.

Check with an SAP consultant

You should check for the top SAP consultants before hiring an implementation partner for SAP consulting. SAP consultants typically fit into one of these two groups:

Technical: SAP consultants with a technical background have a deeper understanding of programming and custom software development.

Functional: SAP consultants who work with operations and finance-related software solutions make up this particular group.

These SAP specialists are able to create and modify the system to suit your requirements. They are equipped to deal with any software system problems. To maintain their current software system, several businesses hire SAP personnel. Additionally, several businesses have employed SAP consultants to train their personnel working resources.

Wrapping Up: Choose the best SAP partner

The ideal implementation partner guarantees that the SAP solution performs as needed, develop plans and tactics geared at making the software run successfully, and is knowledgeable about the pertinent technology a company would invariably depend on to run.

At Embee, we provide a full range of SAP services as a sap partner edge, including business consulting, blueprinting, implementation, migration, and management of the entire SAP ecosystem on any cloud of your choice, up to the application level, all with a single SLA and round-the-clock proactive support. We provide enterprises with enterprise-specific solutions using a well-structured, and automated business approach, bringing instant value to the organization and assuring the success of SAP implementation.

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