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Expert integration services for SAP Business One, enhancing connectivity and efficiency across your business systems.

Leverage Embee’s expertise and add-ons to integrate your business-critical applications with your SAP Business One solution

Embee’s modules, add-ons and extensive experience in integrating directly with line-of-business systems, such as internal and third-party applications, enables businesses and their executives, to have a total view of business processes rather than having to spend valuable time pouring through reports. An easy-to-use SAP Business One integration with another business application or web service can help you significantly reduce costs, increase company productivity and drive profits.

Embee’s SAP Integration Services for Smooth Transition and Improved Efficacy

Experience a seamless transition and enhanced efficiency with our tailored solutions, designed to align with your unique business needs and accelerate your digital transformation journey.

Embee’s SAP-Accredited Add-Ons

SAP-accredited add-ons enhance SAP software with certified, efficient, and compliant extensions.


Simplifies all tasks, starting from Contract Management with customers to Contract based Billing


Focus on the quality of each order, monitoring and adjusting protocols and processes based on key metrics


Simplifies GSTR filings for indian customers


Simplifies and automates stage-wise production schedule, reducing manual errors

WhatsApp Addon

Get instant alerts regarding payment status, pending orders, order status and much more to never miss any crucial information again.

Job Work

Track of raw materials and or semi-finished goods being supplied from principal to sub-contractor

Gate Entry, Gate Pass & Weighment

Keep a track of vehicles carrying material to or out of office/factory premises


Letter of Credit & Buyer’s Credit

Maintain vendor-wise, item-wise Letter of Credit, manage LC in different currencies, and transfer the LC liability into buyer’s credit.

Creator/Vendor Portal

Separate logins for each vendor with instant sync, shipment tracking and real-time availability of data.

Embee and SAP

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Discover how Embee helps businesses achieve success through innovation, dedication and collaboration.

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