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Automate Processes, Expedite Production & Save Costs with World's Top-Rated ERP for Manufacturing Businesses

Discover how our top-rated ERP solution revolutionizes manufacturing processes, streamlines operations, and drives cost savings, setting your business up for unprecedented success.

Streamlined Manufacturing with SAP Business One: Integrated Solutions for Production, Supply Chain, and Resource Management

Gain visibility into every segment of your manufacturing operations; integrate processes and automate approvals to expedite production, and have complete control of resources, quality, prices, inventory, supply chain and logistics with real-time information via custom dashboards. Leverage Embee’s SAP Business One-based 360° ERP solution, specifically designed for manufacturing industry, to scale up your profitability.

Production Management

Complete control over production with detailed reporting, asset management, logistics management, cost accounting and more.

Supply Chain Management

Features to aid total supply chain management including sales and purchase order details, blanket orders, automated transactions and more.

Material Resource Planning

Varied material management features to facilitate order and stock tracking and ensure minimum wastage.

Planning and Scheduling

Comprehensive view of order times, lead times, transition periods, capacity allocations, bills, batches, resources and more to support planning and scheduling.

Quality Control

Quality management features to execute quality tests and maintain consistent quality standards across batches.

Cost Estimation

Features to estimate production costs for standard manufacturing, compare quotations for custom manufacturing orders and calculate profit margins.

Inventory Management

Extensive control to manage item master data records, managing inventory transactions, transfers, receipts, item quantity and inventory counts.

Bill of Materials (BOM) Generation

Generation of Production Bill of Material with all finished parent items and child item components, needed to finish the product.

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