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Empowering Printing Industry with Advanced, User-Friendly Solutions for Streamlined Production and Management

In an increasingly globalized world, ever-increasing competition has made it difficult for businesses in the Printing and Packaging industry to combat shrinking profit margins, skyrocketing raw material costs, fluctuating demand cycles and tight deadlines. Embee’s ERP solution, based on SAP Business One, is specifically designed to enable Printing and Packaging businesses to effectively handle production management, work management, reporting and accounting, thereby enhancing efficiency and increasing ROI.

Production Planning

Use advanced planning and scheduling (APS) for resource groups, machines, tools, and labour to optimize capacity and increase productivity.

Workflow Monitoring

Access dashboard to monitor workflows from start to finish. Have complete overview with real-time information for quick decision-making.

Print Specifications

Document, store and manage all printing materials in a centralized database for easy access and uniformity of information across the organization.

Cost Calculation

Calculate cost by items, work orders, and batches. Automate calculations for profits and losses for each product line and bill of material (BOM) generation.

Finance & Accounting

Automate calculations and report generation. Easily manage debts, credits, balance sheets, expenses summary, purchasing spend and profitability

Easy Compliance

Have complete control across supply chain to ensure compliance with government and industry regulations.

Improve Efficiency and Enhance Profitability by Addressing Strategic Business Challenges

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