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Improve Inventory Control and Supply Chain for Your Food & Beverage Business​

Embee offers SAP Business One to improve inventory tracking, optimizes supply chain operations, real-time data management and transform the way your food and beverage business operates.

Optimizing Every Aspect of Your Business with SAP Business One:
From Demand to Distribution and Compliance to Reporting

Businesses need to be meticulous and agile at all times. With Embee’s intuitive solution, based on world’s #1 ERP software – SAP Business One, turn your food and beverage business into a smarter, faster, environmentally and socially responsible enterprise.

Sales & Inventory Management

Gain real-time visibility into your stocks and automate inventory management based on demand and sales. Avoid under or overstocking and reduce wastage.

Compliance Management

Ensure easy compliance with food safety norms put forth by government and easy abiding of industry regulations.

Production & Operations Process

Mange inventory, production and consecutive operations based on preferred unit of measurement (UOM). Track stocks of items in different warehouses for optimum use of resources.


Track product lifecycle from beginning to end, track expenditure and sales with detailed analytical reports.

Quality Control and Analysis

Ensure optimum quality of products by performing quality checks at individual and multiple stages of production. Approve or reject raw/semi-finished/finished goods based on findings from the quality check.

Production Costing

Calculate production costs based direct and indirect calculation at production order level. Estimate re-work/re-test cost accurately.

Improve Efficiency and Enhance Profitability by Addressing Strategic Business Challenges

Embee and SAP

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