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Embee Helps Leading Financial Services Provider Transform Their R&D Processes with Enterprise Dev-Test Environment

Our customer is the market leader in the financial product distribution space and offers both single- dealer as well as multi-dealer pricing and execution solutions and trade life cycle support services. Foreign exchange, equity, fixed income linked flow business as well as non-flow business involving one-off investment, OTC or structured products are handled equally well by their system.

Multiple subscriptions, too much time on invoice processing, and delays in operations resulted in loss of productivity and efficiency. As a Microsoft Gold partner and with a history of driving 500+ cloud projects successfully in last 3 years, Embee became the preferred partner for our customer.

Having closely analyzed the scope and requirements for the project, Embee understood that the customer required a solution that can reduce their costs and manage their billing. Therefore, the dedicated cloud experts team suggested migrating their R&D workloads on Azure under the Enterprise Dev-Test environment.

Multiple subscriptions and hectic invoice processing challenged productivity and was causing operational inefficiencies

The customer’s tech teams ran development processes on Azure on-premises infrastructure which was applicable user-wise. Financial processes were time-consuming due to lack of proper management of multiple subscriptions and IDs. Multiple invoices needed to be processed on a daily basis considering different payment dates. Here are the key challenges that our customer faced:

  1. Customer had multiple accounts created under Microsoft Azure Portal in direct paying model as they made these accounts as and when required.
  2. They needed to manage roughly 24 subscriptions which they created every time they required a new VM for testing.
  3. Managing a track of multiple subscriptions became a task for them along with tracking a record of the invoices and payments customer was doing.
  4. They were unable to manage operational costs as per the invoices raised on monthly basis multiple times.
  5. Filing tax and submitting them to government and then sharing it with the Microsoft team was becoming a tedious process in which they had received multiple service blocker messages for not providing TDS deduction details on time.

Embee offered Microsoft Azure services for Dev-test environment for better and efficient processes

Our customer was already using Azure Infrastructure-as-a-service including Windows and Linux based operating system for development and testing environment. Their team trusts Microsoft stack for their application including visual studio and SQL server.

Since lots of development and testing of application was required by the customer, configuring, maintaining and availability of hardware in customer’s geographical location was a key challenge.

Azure experts at Embee suggested their team to migrate their R&D workloads on Azure under the Enterprise Dev-Test environment. Embee’s delivery team helped them to setup new infra as per their requirement on cloud and our managed services team helped them with moving their existing infrastructure.

Impact of the solution- Saved costs, better end user experience and reduced infrastructure setup time

The IT team can now integrate essential security components along with other parameters with the on-demand dev environments.

The benefits of the solution include: 

  1. Customer specific environment was setup quickly with infra setup time reduced from weeks to hours.
  2. Presence of infrastructure in customer’s geographic location motivated the end customer to provide their data for testing purpose.
  3. Microsoft Azure saved the additional cost of Microsoft component license under dev test program.

Way forward

Leveraging the cloud for the digital transformation required some crucial technology decisions, especially to take care of certain important cultural and organizational challenges.

As the company’s continuous-delivery capabilities mature, they can now shift their focus from managing multiple subscriptions and processes to improve end-user experience, productivity, and process automation.

Embee’s cloud solutions and managed services helped them move away from the cost-heavy and cumbersome processes and it became a key milestone in their digital transformation journey.

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