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Automate and Streamline Your Quality Control System with SAP-Certified Add-On by Embee

Quality is essential to any business. In most industries, higher quality leads to greater profits and lower costs. However, a lack of visibility into the processes that are responsible for production quality can make it difficult to find and fix issues early on.

SAP-certified emQC Add-on for manufacturing by Embee lets you manage your production process from start to finish. It provides a single view of all relevant data about your products and manufacturing processes so you can drive continuous improvement throughout the entire lifecycle of a product or service.

It functions by providing reports and analyses to identify and correct production issues before they affect the quality of your products. It also lets you monitor and report on key process metrics such as lead time, quality metrics, and production rates. Its data-driven approach allows you to analyze your current and historical data to find insights that improve your processes. This lets you continue to improve your quality even after implementation.

emQC- SAP-certified Add-on for Quality control and management

Quality check is an essential part of the business process in a company. To maintain the required quality of their product, the quality of the inbound materials i.e., raw materials and in-process / semi-finished product(s) and finished products, wherever applicable, must be checked. In case of quality check failure, materials are either returned to the concerned supplier or disposed of physically. It is designed and developed in such a way that it can be easily plugged in and integrated with SAP Business One.

Features of SAP-certified Add-on for Quality control system   

  • Search and view an existing Quality Check document.
  • Select the document(s) against which the Quality check is to be done based on various selection criteria.
  • You can create a set of parameters to be checked during quality check along with standard parameter values.
  • Various quality check scenarios can be created depending on material/product nature along with their standard parameter value range.
  • Both random sampling and multiple sampling can be done during quality checks.
  • Attachment of Test Certificate can be done for future reference.

Benefits of Quality Control Add-on by Embee for the Manufacturing Industry

  • Maintain the quality of your products with automated quality checks.
  • Never miss a deadline or quality checks with an automated notifications system.
  • Go digital and never worry about losing any quality-related information.

Summing Up

emQC- SAP-certified Add-on for Quality control by Embee brings you on the right path for fast-track growth by attaining top levels of quality and efficiency through process simplification and elimination of errors.

Rapid & Remote Implementation Approach activate SAP Business One within weeks

Embee provides end-to-end services that guarantee optimum functionality at each step such as License Procurement, customization with Embee’s SAP-approved Add-Ons, comprehensive consultation, and SAP implementation services.

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