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Leading IT Solution Firm Streamlines Recruitment Process with Octane HRMS by Embee

Our customer is a leading IT solution firm with a global staffing platform providing customized remote staffing solutions to their customers. They help them shortlist the best available candidate at a reasonable cost, among several other choices. Now they have the most elite clients in the industry with almost 100% growth year by year with 4000 employees.

Our customer’s challenges

Customer’s manual recruitment process snag their business growth. Their existing HRMS infrastructure posed several challenges to their envisioned growth.

The company requires to upgrade its manual recruitment process to filter the best candidates in no time. They aimed to achieve greater process collaboration and reduce manual labour as well as errors resulting from redundant tasks. With this, came the realization that their major impediment was over-dependence on outdated legacy applications.

Regarding their old recruitment process, the most significant pain points were:

  • Difficulty in managing large volume of applications
  • Lack of transparency in the recruitment process
  • Complicated selection process
  • Gap in communication with the HR department
  • Inadequate quality of hiring

Solution offered by Embee

Embee conducted a comprehensive study into the customer’s existing recruitment processes and found that the current setup based on manual hiring and tracking of candidates made the process difficult. We suggested Octane HRMS automated recruitment process along with handheld device application to make the entire process from hiring to onboarding to invoicing automated.

Our customized integrated recruitment management process set our customer on the right path for fast-track growth by attaining top levels of quality and efficiency through process simplification and elimination of invoicing errors.

How Octane HRMS Recruitment Process help the firm

The recruitment process has always been at the forefront of HR technology and remains the proving ground for new features. Octane offers an HR solution that’s affordable, customizable, and easy to use. In addition, key features include posting jobs to different sources, candidate tracking, interview scheduling, resume supervision, candidate profiling, all while waiting on top of the entire hiring process.

Octane automatically centralizes the hiring process by collecting and keeping data in one place when candidates submit applications and resumes from job boards, internally, by email, via social media, and other sources. Here are some benefits that make Octane HRMS different from other HRMS software and make it convenient to the business:

All-in-one approach from recruitment to onboarding.

A precise tool that can make the entire process of recruitment to onboarding easy for HR management. With an automated onboarding process, HR can spend less time buried under paperwork and spend more time finding an excellent asset for the company.

Minimizing the Risk of a Poor Hire

The value of a poor hire for a company is immense, especially in leadership roles where it can affect the whole team’s performance. Optimizing ways to reduce the number of bad hires isn’t easy, applying competency modelling processes like case studies, that can help to maximize success in hiring decisions, with the most compelling improvement arising from a better culture fit.

Substitutes Imprecise Spreadsheets into a Cutting-edge Online HR System

Empower HR with accurate decision-making skills, which will be beneficial for the personal growth of the HR and progress of the company. Different tasks such as salary processing, attendance and leave management, asset management, travel and reimbursement expenses, document management, and loan management can be done quickly at a go with the help of efficient HRMS software.

Secure Employee Information System

Capture vital employee information by creating and tailoring forms to collect candidate information by dragging and dropping form fields. Facilitate employee self-service by reducing errors in capturing employee information, allowing employees to update and maintain their profiles. Also, you can check who can see/edit sensitive data such as payment or personal information.

Track Interview Feedback

Meeting a candidate allows them to get beyond their resume and learn about who they are and what they can do. But interviews are subjective, and one team member’s takeaway can be different than the next. It would be best to collect interview feedback from everyone involved, so the hiring manager makes the right decision.

Applicant Tracking System

Screen candidates in seconds by automating resume screening and receive all candidate records – resume, emails, interview scores, feedback in one place. Collaborate and hire virtually by scheduling interviews, inviting panel members, leave comments and feedback among each other, with the ability to maintain the track of all information.

Octane HRMS offers the whole applicant tracking process, which includes:

  • Increase Vacancies
  • Assign Recruiter
  • Hold/Unhold Requisition
  • Change Visibility
  • Add new candidate
  • Link existing candidates
  • Link from reference
  • Linked candidates
  • Generate Layout
  • Progress report
  • Close Requisition

Octane is a proven solution for organizations looking for an automated recruitment setup to create a completely integrated business environment. Octane’s advanced features and capabilities helped our customers with more aligned organizational HRMS processes.

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