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JS Engineering reduced turnaround times and improved resource utilization with SAP B1 implemented by Embee

About the customer

Our client an authorized dealer of a leading manufacturer of compressors, vacuum solutions and air treatment systems, construction and mining equipment, power tools and assembly systems, started operation in 2014 and is currently catering to the entire north-eastern region of India.

Our customer’s challenges

With a rapidly growing business along with mounting demand for faster turnaround times, minimal delays and budget-friendly pricing, our customer realized the need for process integration, standardization of data and automation. They aimed to achieve greater process synergy and reduce manual labour as well as errors resulting from redundant tasks. With this, came the realization that their major impediment was over-dependence on outdated legacy applications.

Some of the major challenges faced by our customer included:

1. Lack of Process Integration

In the absence of a centralized system and process integration, there was little to no co-ordination across departments. Information was generally communicated verbally or via handwritten memos and emails. Low visibility across core departments led to expensive human errors and lack of accountability.

2. Data Redundancy

The customer conducted data entry manually for each one of its operations. The lack of an inter-departmental integration process meant each of the departments were working in silos, leading to the perils of multiple entries of the same data. This, in turn, resulted in inaccurate reporting, misrepresentation of stocks and eventually incorrect product orders.

3. Inaccurate Resource Utilization

Our customer’s employees were spending long hours on tedious tasks. Lengthy manual processes like data entry, billing and quality check not only resulted in human errors quite often but also led to improper utilization of resources and time along with compromised productivity.

Solution offered by Embee

Embee, being a well-noted name in the industry, for its unparalleled expertise in system integration and IT management services, was the first choice of the customer as their digital transformation master. We conducted a thorough requirement analysis and positioned a robust process integration solution, based on SAP Business One HANA, to enable the client streamline their operations, enhance efficiency and improve turnaround time, and ultimately establish a sustainable organizational culture.

Our solution connected all business units and provided a 360-degree view of business operations. Automation of manual processes eased inter-departmental information flow, reduced errors and discrepancies, increased controls and minimized delays. Starting from project preparation, followed by business blueprint, project realization, final preparation and go-live and support – we followed a comprehensive implementation methodology.

The impact of our solution

Some of the key impacts of our solution included:

Improved Turnaround Times

Automation of repetitive tasks and integration of previously disparate systems not only helped to reduce manual labour but also improved response time at the client’s end. Reduced turnaround time, improved accuracy of data and increased productivity led to improvement in return over investment.

Better Integration and Minimized Redundancy

Our solution integrated all the customer’s business process and facilitated standardization of data that improved co-ordination and visibility across departments. It has now become easier for the client’s employees to follow clearly defined processes and access information from one centralized database. Reduced risks of duplication of data and elimination of discrepancies arising from data being stored in different formats, have led to noticeable improvement in inventory management, order placement and billing procedures.

Quantifiable Asset Performance

With better visibility across the organization facilitated by detailed and timely reports, our client has improved resource utilization and asset performance. Comprehensive knowledge sourced from up-to-the-minute data has enabled our customer to make key asset investments and divestments have reflected in optimized operational budget and end-product prices.

Data-Backed Decision Making

Our ERP solution, based on SAP Business One NANA, enabled the availability of real-time data across departments as well as to managing authorities in easily understandable dashboard format. This took assumptions and guesswork out of decision-making processes and empowered managers to make definitive decisions based on quantifiable reports. Real-time data availability also sped up the decision-making process, increased productivity, and reduced wastage of valuable resources.

Upon deciding the cut-off period manually, all the open sales and purchase invoices, inventory and ledger balances were migrated into the new solution, along with the users, with minimal downtime.

Following go-live, Embee conducted end-user training to help with process migration and continues to provide support for transactional issues, development activities and interaction with SAP Support team on behalf of the client.

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