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Embee Software Transforms Business Insights with Analytics on Azure for a Renowned Manufacturing Company

About our customer

Our customer is the top exporter, manufacturer and supplier of the highest yield of branded processed Food Products and Agro Commodities. Their stringent efforts in providing quality services have earned them the reputation of a 5-star trading house by the esteemed Government of India.

Leveraging Embee’s capabilities to building on the vision to achieve excellence through innovation, focus, agility, results orientation and robust systems

As one of India’s largest exporters of processed food products and Agro commodities, the need for an advanced, efficient, and accurate reporting system became paramount to maintain their leadership position. Facing challenges with their existing Oracle EBS & OTM on-premises systems, our customer sought a transformative solution to overhaul their manual reporting processes, lack of data analysis, and the single source of truth for their data. Exporting food products involves a detailed and multifaceted process that begins with obtaining raw materials and spans across production, processing, and packaging, followed by storage and ultimately distribution. Although the distribution and supply chain experience were good, they saw an opportunity to improve it. Our customer expectations were changing, and the company wanted the B2B ordering process to be more like a modern B2C shopping experience. In addition, market disruptors and new competitors were putting pressure on the business to innovate. Embee Software has a well-defined focus on Microsoft Azure right from IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. Over the years, the solution offerings of Embee Software on the cloud have only seen constant growth. We have a dedicated Data Analytics division that works on various components of the Azure Data Platform. Embee provides comprehensive data analytics solutions that include data warehousing, data modelling, data visualizations, and advanced analytics. The technology stack used in the solutions is Microsoft, mostly Microsoft Azure. Our solutions on Azure include the use of Azure Synapse, Azure Databricks, Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure Analysis Service, etc. Power BI has been used as a visualization layer in enterprise BI solutions.

Operational and Strategic Challenges Stemming from Manual Reporting Systems for Our Customer

Our customer trades 1 million metric tons of commodities, including coffee, spices, pulses, cereals, and frozen meats and fruit every year across 85 countries. They were encumbered with a manual reporting system heavily reliant on Spreadsheets, leading to significant data interpretation silos, limitations in historical data reporting, and an over-dependence on the internal IT team. This not only hampered operational efficiency but also obscured the company’s strategic vision due to:
  • Lack of an online reporting system for real-time business insights
  • Absence of a fully automated reporting system, leading to inefficiencies and errors
  • Inadequate data analysis and a single source of truth, resulting in varied data interpretations
  • Restricted reporting capabilities due to spreadsheet’s data limitations
  • Heavy reliance on the availability of the internal IT team for data management and reporting
  • Legacy infrastructure of On-Prem Oracle EBS & OTM that pulled them back

Empowering our Customer with Cutting-Edge Analytics: Embee Software’s Solution for Insight-Driven Success

Embee Software, leveraging its expertise in cutting-edge technologies, designed a comprehensive solution utilizing Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics and Azure Data Lake for robust data warehousing and Lake capabilities. The analytical models were developed on Azure Analysis Service, providing a solid foundation for data analysis and insights. Power BI was integrated as the core reporting and analytical layer, offering advanced data visualization and reporting capabilities to all users and stakeholders. Embee’s approach to assess, implement, integrate & manage Data Analytics solution for our Customer Embee embarked on a strategic partnership with our customer to overhaul their data analytics framework. The project commenced with a detailed assessment of customers’ existing data management processes to identify gaps and outline a comprehensive roadmap aimed at eliminating departmental silos and aligning data practices with the company’s strategic goals. To address these challenges, Embee proposed the creation of an integrated data lake and warehouse solution, leveraging Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics and Azure Data Lake. This infrastructure was designed with a focus on logical architecture, encompassing proven design principles, comprehensive data models, and actionable metrics to facilitate informed decision-making. A key element of Embee’s solution was the implementation of a user-friendly design that accentuated critical performance indicators, allowing customers’ teams to effectively plan, monitor, analyze, and manage business performance. This approach included the integration of disparate data sources into a centralized database, ensuring a unified and accurate data repository for all stakeholders.

Components that Embee’s Solution team counted on:

  • Azure Synapse Analytics is a distributed system for storing and analysing large datasets. Its use of massive parallel processing (MPP) makes it suitable for running high-performance analytics. Azure Synapse Analytics uses PolyBase to rapidly load data from Data Lake Storage.
  • Azure Synapse Pipeline orchestrates the transformation of staged data into a common structure in Azure Synapse Analytics. Pipeline uses PolyBase when loading data into Azure Synapse Analytics to maximize throughput.
  • Azure Data Lake Storage is used to stage source data before it is loaded into Azure Synapse Analytics.
  • Azure Analysis Services provides a semantic model for your data. It can also increase system performance when analysing your data.
  • Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools to analyse data and share insights.
  • Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) authenticates users who connect to the Analysis Services server through Power BI.
Here’s a quick view into before vs after solution Implementation:
Aspect Before Implementation After Implementation
Reporting System Manual, heavily reliant on Excel Automated, near real-time with Power BI
Data Management Time-consuming, error-prone Streamlined, efficient, automated
Decision Making Based on limited, historical data Near real-time insights, informed decisions
Operational Efficiency Low due to manual processes High, due to automation
Cost Capex model and additional efforts needed to maintain on-premises solution resulted in higher costs Cost effective Azure Cloud Consumption Model resulted in lower costs and maintenance
Scalability Limited by existing systems Enhanced, ready for future growth
The implementation of the Azure-based solution by Embee Software revolutionized customers’ approach to data management and reporting:
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Automated reporting eliminated manual processes, significantly reducing time and resources spent on data management.
  • Accurate Business Insights: Real-time data access and advanced analytics enabled informed decision-making, improving strategic outcomes.
  • Increased Productivity: The streamlined process allowed stakeholders to focus on core activities, enhancing productivity across departments.
  • Cost Reduction: Minimizing reliance on the internal IT team and reducing manual errors led to considerable cost savings.
  • Scalability: The Azure solution provided scalability, ensuring our customer could adapt to future data requirements and growth.

Training users and way forward

While building a solution is one aspect, adoption of the same is equally important. Due to the in-house application of solutions using Data Analytics, Embee Software is well versed in driving the adoption of solutions. This in turn helps in taking the user to new levels. We have also created industry-specific solutions across various industries like Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, Logistics, and Food & Beverages.

Leverage the Power of Data Analytics with Embee

Embee offers cutting-edge Data Analytics solutions to accelerate the realization time of the solution in terms of the features and benefits of the solution. With these accelerators, Embee Software reaches its customers and showcases the power of Data Analytics.

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