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Embee Implemented SAP Business One for a leading footwear distributor for real-time stock visibility and inventory management

Our customer started its shoe distribution journey in 1956 to provide highest quality of footwear at affordable prices. They currently own many warehouses and retail outlets across India and was facing difficulty in Inventory Management.

Inconsistent delivery timelines were hampering the reputation and growth of the business. Absence of a centralized database and real-time stock visibility led to inaccurate or late decision-making. Upon identifying the customer’s main pain points, Embee recommended the implementation of a robust integration solution based on SAP Business One for better stock visibility and inventory management.

Embee Implemented SAP Business for Better Inventory and Stock Management

We suggested implementation of customized SAP Business One solution for centralized data capturing, real time report visibility, order management, inventory control & management, API integration with other web applications (customer care), purchase process with complete monitoring, e-invoicing and so on.

SAP Business One offered full financials as well as end-to-end sales and inventory management in a system that was easy to implement, simple to use and affordable for a small business budget.

Impact of the solution

SAP Business One solution implemented by Embee helped the client to achieve real-time stock visibility and streamline inventory management.

Some of the key impacts of our solution included:

Real-time data availability

Real-time data availability helped to reduce bottlenecks and improved delivery time. The customer can now conduct their own invoicing tasks without having to depend on any other software.

Reduced data duplication and data-driven decision making

Automated processes and a centralized database eliminated the risk of data duplication. As data was stored in the same format across the organization, the reports were synchronized as well, as a result, it became easier for the management to make effective data-driven decisions.

Easy GST-compliance

Our emGSTR solution enabled tax-filing in the government prescribed format within the stipulated time by only click and go, saving valuable time and effort. a Quantifiable asset performance. Our client now has better visibility into the performance of assets, their expected lifespan and overall profitability to the business. This knowledge helps them to make necessary investments and divestments which ultimately leads to optimization of operational budget and end-product prices.

Improved scalability

By adopting an SAP Business One-based solution, the client has enhanced their workforce scalability. Now, with further expansion, the client can easily scale the solution to incorporate more employees and processes.

SAP Business One Partner of Choice

Selecting a partner to implement software packages like SAP presents a unique set of challenges. Necessities such as specialized skills and appropriate testing methodologies are required and depending on sector, budget and specific need would depend on which partner you would use.

A sound understanding of SAP applications and a comprehensive test strategy can go a long way in delivering top-notch quality, on time and within budget, but selecting the wrong partner can rack up costs and minimise your return on investment.

With over 20 consultants, specialist and employees and SAP partner’s people within our network, our SAP B1 solutions will optimise your requirement, help navigate excessive costings, maximise special discounts and minimise the project time frame.

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