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A leading automobile logistics company cuts costs, streamlines processes and becomes future-ready with SAP Business One

About our customer
Our customer is engaged in CKD operations and sub assembly operations for reputed automobile companies in two-wheeler and four-wheeler segments. The focus of the company is to provide seamless services to the automobile factories by ensuring reliable & timely supply of automobile parts.

It partnered with accredited SAP Partner Embee due to their expertise in enterprise resource planning and proven expertise in SAP Business One. It helped them to run end-to-end business operations including inventory management, invoicing, and tracking of stocks.

Challenges faced by the customer- Manual processes and Invoicing

Our customer provides logistics services to Bajaj Auto which is one of the largest motor bikes manufacturer in India. They are into component assembling line of Bajaj. Their products are further used by Bajaj to assemble the complete motor bike, for example, tyres with rim, petrol tank assembly, front light assembly, etc.

The vendors of Bajaj supply assembly materials to the customer which are then kept in their own warehouse. They used to have manual counting of every inventory that used to come inside their warehouse resulting in delayed processes and errors.

Here are the key challenges faced by the customer-

  • Non-automation of movement of stocks within their warehouse.
  • Lack of real-time information about inventory levels was leading to over or under-ordering.
  • Manual Gate-entry process with no real time visibility of data.
  • Lack of a computerized system made real-time visibility into material management impossible. There was no centralized system where the production managers could view the status of various processes, leading to inaccurate and late decisions.
  • Decentralised data led to lack of transparency and high dependence on manual reports.
  • Inefficient manual invoicing process.

Solution offered by Embee-

The customer was using an on-premises application which was not able to cope up with their growing needs. Embee conducted a comprehensive study into the customer’s existing processes and found that the current setup based on manual invoicing and tracking of goods made it difficult to scale.

We suggested implementation of customized SAP Business One solution along with handheld device application to make the entire process from gate entry to registration to invoicing automated. We created customized application for handheld device to integrate it with SAP B1 for centralized data capturing, real time report visibility and automated invoicing.

We introduced inward counting done by handheld device to replace manual gate entry process. The data captured by handheld device will then be automatically send to SAP Business One application for invoice generation.

Their warehouse wad divided into racks and bins. We attached barcodes to them to track the movement of goods in and out of the warehouse. The current stock status on a particular location can be viewed at the handheld device which helps in determining how many materials needs to be transferred in the production departments.

Impact of the solution

Embee’s customized integrated Management Solution based on SAP Business One set our customer on the right path for fast-track growth by attaining top levels of quality and efficiency through process simplification and elimination of invoicing errors.

Some of the key impacts of our solution were:

  • Real-time visibility of stocks in the warehouse at a particular location.
  • Automated inventory management solution eliminated inventory ordering mistakes by providing all stakeholders an up-to-date inventory level detail.
  • Reporting that SAP Business One fastened their processes, our customer gained huge cost and time savings.
  • An integrated finance platform streamlined purchase, sales, vendor-managed inventory (VMI), asset management and goods received notes (GRN).
  • Automated cross-department workflows, contract management and invoicing saved time and effort.
  • SAP Business One integrated all the customer’s departments into clearly defined processes and a centralized database for all the organization’s data.
  • Real-time availability of data in a format that can be easily searched enabled the creation of customized reports and dashboards, which provided the top management a bird’s eye view of the entire business at any time.

Future-Ready IT Infrastructure Systems

Embee as a leading managed IT service provider offers a scalable and flexible service model to determine what level of service our customer needs to help them achieve their core business goals.

Our customer can do their own business while Embee will take care of their Infrastructure. In case of increase in business requirements, we will make sure the IT infrastructure can be scaled out and scaled up.

Embee offers scalable solutions to accommodate rapid changes, improve system availability, proactive monitoring, updated services release management, reporting, and more to eliminate additional setup costs and time.

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