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The Tools You Need for Infrastructure Security In Cloud Computing


Introduction to Infrastructure Security in Cloud Computing Cloud computing has revolutionized the way businesses operate, providing scalable and flexible solutions for storing, managing, and accessing data and applications. With the increasing adoption of cloud infrastructure, ensuring robust security measures is of paramount importance. Infrastructure security in cloud computing involves protecting the underlying technology stack, including […]

Get the Most Out of Your Microsoft Teams App – Maximizing Collaboration, Communication, and Productivity

Get the Most Out of Your Microsoft Teams App – Maximizing Collaboration, Communication, and Productivity

Today, organizations often struggle with fragmented tools and inefficient workflows, leading to decreased productivity and miscommunication. According to recent studies, companies can lose up to 20% of their productivity due to poor communication and collaboration tools. With the rise of remote and hybrid work models, the need for a unified platform that enhances collaboration, communication, and productivity […]

Streamline Distribution & Supply Chain with SAP-Certified Add-On for Logistics Industry

Streamline distribution & supply chain with SAP-certified Add-on for Logistics industry

In today’s world, supply chains are complex. Organizations are expected to manage their supply chains more efficiently to compete with others and stay ahead in the market. To meet these expectations and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business, organizations should implement a robust logistics system. SAP-certified Add-on for logistics by Embee is the ideal solution […]

Reduce It Costs During Remote Working

Reduce It Costs During Remote Working

A CIO’s Toolkit to Reduce IT Costs During Remote Working The economic impact of COVID 19 has forced businesses worldwide to take a closer look into their spending. Many businesses were forced to take the route of temporary measures such as layoffs coupled with a reduction in pay and work hours. The real deal to […]

The Rise of the App Culture

Mobile Apps Features

Ever used the HDFC Bank mobile banking app for fund transfer? The Domino’s Pizza app to order your pizza? The Weight Watcher app to track your calorie consumption? Flipkart’s mobile app to shop? Or played the Candy Crush app for some entertainment? Yes. Reality pinch. There is an application for every activity. May it be […]

6 Ways Managed Services Help to Improve IT Security

6 Ways Managed Services Help to Improve IT Security

Your data is always at risk. The source can be internal or external, nonetheless, there is always the risk of security breach. The global average cost of a data breach in 2018 is up 6.4 percent over the previous year to $3.86 million. The Ponemon Institute study also found that the mean time to identify a breach […]

What Role Does Organizational Culture Play in a Company’s Growth

What Role Does Organizational Culture Play in a Company’s Growth

What is organizational culture? Organizational culture refers to a group of values, beliefs, and behaviours that are created and maintained by the organization’s leaders that shape how people work together and how they feel about their organization. And when you have a positive and supportive culture, it can really help a company grow and succeed. So, the […]

Types of Security Incident Management and How to Handle Them Effectively


The digital world offers unprecedented opportunities, but it also presents new and evolving challenges, including an alarming increase in cybersecurity incidents. Security Incident Management plays a crucial role in maintaining a secure IT environment by detecting, responding to, and mitigating these incidents. By effectively managing security incidents, organizations can minimize the impact of breaches and […]

Solving E-Commerce Cybersecurity Challenges with IT Modernization


Cybercriminals are targeting the Indian e-commerce industry with an unprecedented strike rate today. Indian e-commerce companies, SMEs in particular, are the most vulnerable to cyberattacks owing to their lack of preparedness in identifying and managing new types of digital risks. As big data explodes and funding for e-commerce companies increases, they become easy targets for […]

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