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A Leading Digital Solution Provider Transformed their Marketing Game with Customized Brand Resources Portal

Our customer is a global leader in technology and business transformation solutions. They are dedicated to accelerating client success through digital innovation, aiming to be the most valuable technology services partner and a thought leader in the industry. They offer a wide range of services including digital product engineering, cloud services, data & analytics, AI and automation, cybersecurity, and more. It also emphasizes diversity, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in its operations.

Overcoming brand consistency and accessibility obstacles were the major challenges faced by our customer:

Our customer grappled with challenges that threatened its brand integrity and marketing effectiveness, such as inconsistent brand messaging, risk of utilizing outdated brand materials, inefficient access to the latest branding resources, and challenges in indoctrinating new employees with brand standards without a centralized source

  • Inconsistent brand messaging and visual identity across platforms.
  • Increased risk of using outdated or incorrect brand materials.
  • Inefficient access to the latest branding resources, hindering marketing efforts.
  • Challenges in training new employees on brand standards without a centralized source.
  • Difficulty in maintaining brand integrity and consistency without a unified repository.

Embee offered a holistic approach to enhancing brand management and digital innovation

Recognizing the critical need for a unified brand management system, Embee Software devised a holistic solution focused on modernizing our customers’ brand management approach and enhancing employee experience with the latest digital tools. The solution framework included:

  1. Increased communication from top down and across the organization.
  2. Modernization of tools used for day-to-day work such as storing and retrieving documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.
  3. Increased visibility of initiatives, such as company values and social media marketing.
  4. New ways to collaborate using modern digital workflows to replace manual document routing and approvals.
  5. Improved employee morale by giving them ownership of part of the experience.

Impact of the solution

The implementation of the Brand Resources Portal by Embee Software led to efficiency and brand consistency for our customer, evidenced by:

  • Streamlined Brand Asset Management: Significantly reduced time spent searching for brand assets, directly translating to increased productivity and faster project turnaround.
  • Uniform Brand Presentation: Ensured consistent use of brand elements, fortifying our customer’s brand identity and customer trust.
  • Collaborative Synergy: Facilitated seamless collaboration among teams, ensuring marketing campaigns and materials are cohesive and aligned with brand standards.
  • Brand Integrity and Compliance: Enabled strict adherence to brand guidelines, preserving brand integrity across all communications.
  • Operational and Cost Efficiency: Reduced costs associated with creating and distributing marketing materials by leveraging a centralized repository of brand assets.

Before vs After Implementation

AspectBefore ImplementationAfter Implementation
Brand ConsistencyVaried and inconsistentUniform and aligned
Access to Brand ResourcesTime-consuming and inefficientImmediate and streamlined
CollaborationHindered by geographic and departmental silosEnhanced across all levels and locations
Brand IntegrityAt risk due to decentralized asset managementStrongly maintained through centralized repository
Employee ProductivityLimited by access to current brand materialsSignificantly improved due to easy & quick access to marketing collaterals

Get customized brand resource portal with Embee

Improve brand consistency and operational efficiency to transform business processes with Embee Software. We offer intranet solutions based on the SharePoint platform, aiming to connect employees across various departments and enhance corporate culture.

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