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Insights Success – Embee Software: Your Strategic IT Partner Leveraging Digital Disruption

Embee Software: Your Strategic IT Partner Leveraging Digital Disruption

In a competitively fierce market such as today technology is a key differentiator that organizations leverage for a better business performance. However, unlike previously, technology is evolving at such a fast pace that it is becoming challenging for businesses to really keep up. Do you feel the same? That is why organizations need a partner who is constantly abreast with the latest technologies and guides customers on the right technology mix for their business. Embee Software is one such partner. It is a leading technology solution provider in India with 30 years of experience in delivering solutions to its 2000+ customers.

What differentiates Embee is its keen ability to address its client’s business challenges. And this quest is backed by its strategic alliance with the global technology leaders, Microsoft being the most dear. Being truly aligned to Microsoft’s vision and market expectations and backed by a futuristic leader, Mr. Sudhir Kothari, Embee takes bold decisions to be ahead of the curve. When Cloud first came to India in 2011 – 2012 Embee was one of the first Microsoft partners to spearhead their customers’ transition to the platform. Today they are recognized among Microsoft’s top 3 Cloud partners in the country.
They have completed over 300+ Cloud projects and has migrated over 300,000 users to the Cloud.

A Pioneering Partnership

Embee’s partnership with Microsoft began over 25 years ago during which Embee has transcended from a software partner to being one of their key country-wide solution partners. Over the years Embee has built on its relationship with its key stakeholders in the partner-organization, enhanced skills and capabilities in Microsoft technologies and delivered innumerous success stories. From the total strength of 350, 88 members of the Embee team are Microsoft certified technical experts and solution specialists with Gold competency on Cloud Productivity, Cloud Platform and Enterprise Mobility Management. And their high success ratio in existing and new customers along with the domain expertise more than often make then a favourable partner. Embee’s expertise and capability has also earned them the status of a leading LSP (the highest level of partnership in Microsoft’s partner structure). Some of the other recent awards won from Microsoft include:

  • CAM partner of the Year 2016 (W)
  • Top 3 Azure Partner of the Year 2016 (W)
  • Top 3 Office 365 partner of the Year 2016 (W)
  • CTM partner of the Year 2016 (N)
  • Office 365 partner of the year (N)

Rising Above the Competition in the IT Landscape

60% of Embee’s business is from its existing customers. What helps the team to rise above the competition include a number of facets. First, it follows an understand-evaluate-design-test-implement approach to add value to each customer engagement. They understand the current and near future business challenges and business objectives, evaluate solutions that integrate seamlessly with its existing infrastructure, design the solution architecture, test the same on a smaller group to overcome any challenges and implement it enterprise wide.
Some of its Microsoft success stories based on the above framework include:

  • Being the IT consultant and solution partner of a global advertising agency, Embee pitched and implemented Office 365 to help the client collaborate better and improve data availability. With anywhere-anytime access the team remained connected 24*7 enhancing their productivity. SharePoint empowered the team to intelligently discover and share the content on any device. One Drive offered the client secure, reliable and unlimited storage space and backup features. And its inbuilt disaster recovery and uptime maintenance services helped the customer minimize its organizational risks and reduce the workload of the internal IT team.

Embee used industry-recognized best practices in the implementation and migration, where over 800 users and 700 GB of data belonging to the client were migrated to the new system.

  • With a strong legacy system in place, our client was facing concerns over storage and security issues of the increasing volumes of multimedia and traditional data of the organization. Moreover, the back-up process was slow and tedious. Chosen based upon expertise and hands-on experience, Embee’s implementation of a hybrid cloud storage solution based upon Microsoft Azure and StorSimple helped the client, a global media organization, transform.

With StorSimple, the client now has unlimited secured storage capacity in the cloud, eliminating constant worries about shortfalls. It has dramatically reduced administrative overheads while achieving better disaster recovery. They have managed to slash down the time required for back-ups and restores. Additionally, they can now scale their resources as required. The new solution provided greater business agility, endless scalability and reduced SAN storage costs by over 40%.

Secondly, driven by the motto to add value to customers and maximize their return on investment, Embee stands out from the crowd with its lethal combination of services. Apart from the solution knowledge and implementation capability backed by the support services, Embee has deep capabilities in Power BI and SharePoint. They develop/build dashboards and applications that help businesses be more productive. The applications on Power BI help the senior leaders to take strategic decisions quicker while on SharePoint they have developed 30+ applications, including Helpdesk Systems, Travel Management, Employee Information Systems, Leave Management System amongst others to simplify their businesses further Embee caters to over 2000+ customers across industries including Manufacturing, Financial Services, Logistics, Education, Government, E-Commerce, Healthcare, Retail, IT/ITES, and Media.

Maintaining the Edge.

Delivering customer value is truly what drives the team at Embee and they execute it exceedingly well. With thorough technology expertise and deep customer connects, the team at Embee are able to support business houses address their challenges with transformational opportunities. This is why they have engaged with over 200 customers for over 7 years or more. Additionally, their capabilities and experience in Microsoft technologies place them in an unique position for their clients.

Embee makes sure to separate its identity in the industry by successfully implementing projects, providing deep technical expertise and knowledge, being fully-committed, ensuring strong customer relationships and making IT easier for their customer base. This is what Embee practices with every one of its customers; probably one among many reasons on why Embee has acquired over 400 new customers in just over three years.

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Since more than 34+ years, Embee has been enabling more than 2000 organizations transform with technology in a digital, mobile-first, data-driven world. Embee specialises in Cloud Technologies, Business Intelligence solutions, new-age Collaboration, Mobility, and Security solutions, along with integrated ERP solution based on SAP Business One, and Octane HRMS. Known for our support services, Embee offers a remote 24×7 Managed Services for all its solutions. ahead of the curve, ready to meet the demands of the dynamic digital ecosystem.

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