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Embee Wins SAP Emerging Partner Of the Year Award 2023

May 10, 2023 – New Delhi, India – Embee, a leading provider of SAP solutions, has been awarded the SAP Emerging Partner Of the Year Award 2023 by SAP, a global leader in enterprise software.

The SAP Emerging Partner Of the Year Award is presented to partners who demonstrate significant growth, innovation and excellence in delivering SAP solutions to their clients. This award recognizes Embee’s outstanding performance in helping customers with their digital transformation journey using SAP technologies.

Embee’s recognition as the Emerging Partner is a remarkable achievement that underscores the company’s unwavering commitment to excellence. This award is a testament to Embee’s ability to deliver world-class SAP solutions that meet the unique needs and requirements of its clients. By leveraging its expertise in emerging technologies and working closely with its clients, Embee has been able to help businesses across industries to streamline their operations, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. With this achievement, Embee has further established itself as a leading provider of digital transformation solutions that drive business growth and innovation.

When we receive such awards it shows the hard work, dedication, and commitment to excellence that the entire team shows, we have achieved remarkable targets partnering SAP team. A joint tireless effort of embee and SAP team in developing and executing innovative sales strategies have not only helped us to meet our goals, but to exceed them. The ability to build and maintain strong relationships with our clients has been truly remarkable, and has been instrumental in our success,” said Sudhir Kothari, CEO of Embee. “This recognition is a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence in delivering SAP solutions to our clients. We are grateful to SAP for their partnership and support in enabling us to deliver world-class solutions to our clients.”

Embee has been influential in helping clients across industries to leverage SAP technologies and transform their business processes. The company’s expertise in SAP technologies such as SAP Business One has helped clients to streamline their operations, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.


“We congratulate Embee on winning the SAP Emerging Partner Of the Year Award. Embee has demonstrated exceptional performance in delivering SAP solutions to their clients. We look forward to our continued partnership with Embee in helping customers achieve their digital transformation goals.” – Comments we received as a successful partner from SAP.

As an SAP partner, we highly recommend SAP Business One for small and medium-sized businesses looking to streamline their operations and drive growth. With its powerful features and intuitive user interface, SAP Business One provides businesses with a comprehensive solution for managing finances, inventory, sales, customer relationships, and more. Its scalability and flexibility make it an ideal choice for businesses looking to future-proof their operations and adapt to changing market conditions. As a SAP partner, we have seen first-hand the positive impact that SAP Business One can have on a business, from increased efficiency and productivity to improved profitability and customer satisfaction. We are proud to offer SAP Business One as a solution to our clients, and we stand behind its ability to help businesses achieve their goals.

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