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Unlocking Business Success with Customizable Octane HRMS Software

Employee performance is a crucial part of every business. The initial goal of HR managers is to make sure that employees are satisfied with their job. Customizable HRMS software is designed to meet the needs of every business and is reliable to organizational policies. It upgrades the HR processes and serves as the ideal HR partner for every business.

Over 43% of the world’s workers must sit at home and work remotely. The post-Covid-19 era may have more remote workers than before, which will lead to adjustments in how the HR department handles the workforce.

Whereas advanced HR technology can help your HR management accomplish its organizational goals. Customization changes the HR management system to personalize modules according to the business convenience and policies. We bring you new age HR software – customizable Octane cloud HRMS that offers the gift of comprehensive HR configuration with its complete set of configurable modules – one each for every HR function.

What does Software Customization Mean?

In software customization, a business can develop a tailor-made application. It is designed to provide upgraded and automated HR requirements that benefit business processes and organizational growth.

Benefits of Customized Cloud HRMS Software

Companies of all sizes require an HR system for managing the workforce effectively. Using customized HRMS software that meets business needs is a profitable investment. It is customer-focused with multiple benefits. Let’s discuss some of them: 

Maps to the Existing Processes – Software personalization simplifies the mapping of existing requirements and processes of the organization. The procedures are automated without making changes to the existing workflows.

Result-Oriented and Effective – Effectiveness is the key to success in a competitive world. Customized HRMS solutions become a tailor-made platform for ease of managing daily operations and tasks. They are focused on developing the best results with high efficiency and keeping the business moving forward.

360° Visibility and Access Controls – Customize access and visibility permissions for different user roles depending on specific requirements.

Prevention Against Data Security Breaches – Protect the software from external threats. It is well-known that most hacking attempts become successful as they are performed on known software vulnerabilities in commonly used software. Hackers see customized HR software as a less attractive target as it requires comparatively more effort to learn how to breach the system.

Customizable HRMS Modules with Various Functionalities

Businesses can modify the modules according to their business requirements and needs. You will get distinctive features in each module that can make every HR process easy and convenient.

Leave & Attendance Management

  • Defining the attendance regularization categories
  • Configuring leave policies for the employees
  • Representing the shifts and the shift timings as per the organizational policies.
  • Defining the timeframe for freezing attendance for payroll calculation
  • Setting the holiday calendar as per the location of the employee(s)

Performance Assessment

  • Configuring the number of appraisal cycles in a year
  • Representing different periods for the probation of other employees
  • Analyzing components and parameters for confirmation of employees
  • Setting up the competencies on which performance is to be assessed
  • Defining goal and KRA categories
  • Representing the form elements for confirmation of employees as per their job role/department
  • Defining the rating scale on the HR software for performance assessment of employees

Recruitment Gateway

  • Setting up the candidate source and the rating scale
  • Configuring the job location(s) for hiring applicants
  • Representing the customized billing type for different job profiles

Travel & Expense Management

  • Defining the limits for expense requests
  • Describing whether travel and expense requests can be combined
  • Representing the reference data for the travel and expense requests
  • Setting up the parameters available for the employee to select from when creating a request
  • Determining if expenses can be split between employees in a team or two more employees in the organization

Training Management

  • Defining the approval flow for training sessions
  • Defining the types of training – Classroom, Virtual, Online, etc.
  • Adding pre and post-assessments as and when required
  • Customizing the Training Calendar on a Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly basis
  • Assigning training based on employees, teams, or job profiles

Separation Management

  • Defining the separation types
  • Defining the Clearance categories and activities
  • Determining the reasons that the candidate can choose from when applying for resignation

Additional Key Configurations

A few of the essential configurations for the modules mentioned above, there are a few general HR customizations available on the Octane HRMS HR technology platform, as discussed below:

  • Representing the organization chart and organization structure
  • Defining the Employment Types in the organization
  • Adding and defining Workflows for different business processes
  • Defining the designations and organizational hierarchy
  • Defining the Permissions to data access based on employee roles
  • Setting up of the Employee Grades in the organization to be assigned to each employee
  • Setting up of the home page of the HRMS application through a selection of widgets


As you can see, the HRMS System can improve your internal business processes. Choosing custom HRMS development to meet all your business requirements and needs is better. Octane HRMS offers the most comprehensive, easy-to-use, and customizable employee self-service HR management capabilities at budget-saving prices.

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