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5 Top Trends in Managed IT Services Today to Keep an Eye On

Organizations today are experiencing a paradigm shift in the work environment. Apart from an already volatile IT environment, businesses today face challenges from the changing market forces, necessitating an increased focus on operational efficiency and effectiveness.

To manage the new norm of work from home, organizations need to effectively meet the growing requirement of scalability, enhanced security and uncompromised agility. And to ensure smooth functioning, organizations are turning to Managed IT Service Providers for secure and uninterrupted services.

To understand the scope of managed services and its contributing factors for your business, we have listed down the top 5 trends of 2020 to keep an eye on –

An all-encompassing IT security strategy

Cyber-attacks are on the rise and with the current pandemic situation, they’ve increased 6-fold, raising an alarm for all business leaders. An economic times survey too noted that identifying potential breaches and minimising business impact is a growing priority for CISOs in 2020,

To safeguard the sensitive business data, streamlining identity and access management, patching of endpoints, 24X7 monitoring, real time identification of threats and addressing the risks, and timely upgrades are becoming extremely crucial. And while internal IT teams are effective, their resources are limited. A Managed Service Provider, with its strategic partnerships, unlimited resources and holistic approach can enable enterprises to adopt a proactive approach to ensure data and infrastructure security 24X7X365 days.

Outcome Based Services*

Every customer, including every business house looks towards value addition – what is in it for them? An Outcome Based Service is a recently introduced result oriented sought after model where enterprises pre-determine the outcome from the engagement with an MSP. With the shift, it becomes crucial for MSPs to demonstrate and land on their ability and plausible goals. Such a trend would also encourage enterprises to work with Managed Services Providers who offer a complete stack of services versus single services.

Cloud Computing & Automation

Adoption of multi-cloud strategies and automation of processes increases the need to leverage expertise of experienced teams to navigate the rapidly changing IT environment with zero downtime. As per a recent study, the global cloud managed services market size is expected to reach USD 82.51 billion by 2025 Implementation of Cloud managed services will help enterprises to reduce costs and enhance productivity. Leveraging cloud managed services on a consumption-based pricing model, enables enterprises to scale at optimal costs, without any hassle. In addition to this, an MSP also provides robust infrastructure that enables organizations to be future-ready

IoT and Blockchain

In the next five years, 22 billion devices are expected to be connected to the internet. To leverage the benefits of a hyper-connected world, enterprises will need to have in place the necessary skill-set. This is where managed IT services come to the forefront. It is needless to say that Managed IT solutions are playing and will continue to play a key role in enabling organizations to adopt innovation and keep up with the client expectations – all this while keeping the costs in check.

The Rise of XaaS

The constantly evolving IT landscape opens up avenues for enterprises to meet the demands of modern-day consumers by combining the power of technology and innovation in service delivery. In current times, from property to healthcare, everything is being roping in an as-a-service business model to cater to the changing client expectations. The term XaaS denotes – everything as a service. The approach requires careful analysis of the end objective and leveraging the power of technology to build custom platforms that enable the customers to perform tasks with ease. Partnering with an MSP, allows enterprises to integrate, manage data seamlessly and ensure security. Keeping in check all such factors Managed IT solutions offer the foundation based on which enterprises can focus on the growth-oriented business goals peacefully.

In a nutshell, strategic engagements of managed IT services enable enterprises to arrive at the sweet spot of optimized IT expenses, 24X7 IT security, and access to certified experts and improved agility which makes it easier to take risks.

Partnering with an MSP, such as Embee, ensures that every aspect from assessment, execution to reporting and support is taken care of. Offering our Managed Services to over 100 organizations in India, Embee understands individual business nuances and delivers a solution that puts the organization on a journey of undisrupted growth and innovation. To know more, click here.

Embee is a recognized leading technology partner in India with 34+ years of experience in delivering digital transformation to its 2000+ customers. We are uniquely positioned to empower businesses to be more with Cloud and Datacentre Technologies enabling them to leverage the latest resources on various cloud platforms. Our solutions are known to help customers optimize costs through application modernization and serverless computing. Choosing a right managed services provider ensures you attain peace of mind and focus entirely on your day-to-day business operations and exceling strategies.

For your managed services query, reach out to us at One of our technology experts will collate your IT needs and provide you tailor-made managed services that will help you take your business to the next level. To know more about managed services offerings, click here.

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