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Why Are More And More Organizations Taking The Route of Managed Services During Remote Working?

This pandemic has forcefully changed the business world globally. For small and large, global and national organizations, the basics – how we do business, the way we do business, where we do it from – is all new. Chances are, for many, this might become permanent, considering the spiked levels of productivity at reduced cost of operations.

Work from home is the new norm and Gartner confirms that 41% of the workforce is likely to work from home post COVID-19. This change in processes brings with it the darker side of security threats, data breaches along with challenges to securely and efficiently support the diverse, disparate IT environments.

The silver linings called Managed IT services

For major technology leaders, choosing the managed services route is a way to secure not only the operations, data, deliverables, but most importantly boost employee productivity and customer experience. With work from home, employees are more likely to use unsecure internet connections raising security risks. To address this concern and more, Managed IT service providers can help you to devise a strategy that ensures secured data, maximized uptime, 24X7 monitoring and security along with prompt responses to IT issues during unforeseen circumstances to ensure a robust foundation for unhindered business continuity.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which a Managed IT Services Provider can help your business –

1. Cost Optimization Opportunities

Offloading tasks pertaining to monitoring, maintenance and support of your IT services to a certified service provider allows you to reduce the operating expenses. Managed services put complete control in your hands – from flexible in-house expenses to predictable IT costs, managed services have proven to optimize IT costs by 40%. With the ‘pay-as-you-go’ model, which is also being offered today, businesses can be in complete control of their expenses.

2. 24X7 IT Security

As per a recent research, so far, 445 million cyber-attacks have been identified in 2020 – the highest in any quarter. Sophisticated cyber threats present a major vulnerability and a hindrance for businesses to progress consistently in the long run. Identifying the pain point, service providers remain vigilant of the growing threats and provide proven solutions to keep the risk at bay. Outsourcing cyber security services ensures monitoring, identification and aversion well in time before the risk goes on to become unmanageable. Promising a proactive approach with 24X7 availability of expert help, you can ensure peace of mind and complete protection from any impending risks.

3. Optimization of Operations & Resources

Bringing to the table years of experience, Managed IT Solutions allow you to focus on your core business goals. With an expert team, you can be relieved about timely IT upgrades, flexibility to scale as per requirements and identification of potential threats that could lead to system failures. Leveraging the services of an MSP (Managed Service Provider) can enable businesses to not only keep up with ever-changing technologies, but also optimize their in-house resource allocation to innovate and focus on the client requirements to further improve their ROI.

4. Real-time Tech Upgrades

What is latest today, will be out-dated tomorrow. Staying updated with the rapidly evolving technological innovations proves to be the bedrock of an agile, competitive IT ecosystem. This, however, is the top pain point for 50% of modern-day organizations. The 2020 ‘State of the IT’ report suggests that enterprises will need assistance to seamlessly implement tech innovations into their IT environment and this is where Managed IT Service providers will add value.

5. 24X7 Access to Expert Help

Navigating the modern-day, multi-dimensional IT environment comprising SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS is a task that demands continuous support, monitoring and training. Building efficiencies to match the fluidity of current technology advancement along with the management of core business tasks is easier said than done. Partnering with an MSP ensures access to expert help that bridges the gap between technology and knowledge. With a continuous focus on learning and upgrading their skillset, a Managed Service Provider offers access to a team of experts who help to minimize downtime and maximize operations.

The Managed Services Market Size is Expected to Grow from USD 152.45 Billion in 2017 to USD 257.84 Billion By 2022, at a CAGR of 11.1%

The future belongs to organizations that can build core competencies to transition with low efforts, stay resilient and innovate on the go. As work from home goes on to become the new normal, global organizations are realizing the need to partner with Managed Services Providers to enable a smooth transition weaving present day circumstances. Outsourcing the management of your Cloud infrastructure to an MSP like Embee, can help you to ensure undisrupted growth, enhanced capabilities to innovate and scale while your systems stay protected round the clock from probable threats. Embee’s portfolios of managed services include Cloud Migration Services, Productivity Managed Services (O365), Visualized IT support and more. Click here for further details.

Embee is a recognized leading technology partner in India with 34+ years of experience in delivering digital transformation to its 2000+ customers. We are uniquely positioned to empower businesses to be more with Cloud and Datacentre Technologies enabling them to leverage the latest resources on various cloud platforms. Our solutions are known to help customers optimize costs through application modernization and serverless computing. Choosing a right managed services provider ensures you attain peace of mind and focus entirely on your day-to-day business operations and exceling strategies.

For your managed services query, reach out to us at One of our technology experts will collate your IT needs and provide you tailor-made managed services that will help you take your business to the next level. To know more about managed services offerings.

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