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Stay Informed and Vigilant with SAP WhatsApp Integration Addon

WhatsApp is one of the leading instant messaging apps with over 2 billion users in the world. Around 1.6 billion people access it monthly for both personal and commercial purposes. WhatsApp has completely transformed the way we communicate with each other and how brands connect with their customers.

We are used to receiving birthday wishes, texts, audio and video messages, Gifs, and much more on WhatsApp from friends and businesses. But recently brands are even disseminating crucial information such as OTP, notifications, customized deals and much more through WhatsApp so that customers are informed of everything in real-time.

ERP or SAP Business One is no exception and is currently exploring different ways to use WhatsApp to its full potential so that businesses always take the right action at right time. One of the biggest advantages of this platform is that everyone can use it without any formal training. Also, since almost everyone is on WhatsApp, you do not have to ask your employees to install it or check it constantly.

ERPs use SMS to pass on crucial transaction information with the users but also permit them to interact with ERP in absence of internet network or mobile application. They can simply reply with preassigned codes to approve or reject certain transactions in SAP Business One. It is one of the most popular functionalities of ERP among all its customers as it ensures business continuity under all the situations.

While WhatsApp requires Internet to exchange message between the two users, it may not seem that versatile as SMS but it is easy to send photos, share communication, send pdfs, videos and files of up to 100 MB on this platform in a few seconds. Moreover, with over 760 million smartphone users and 700 million active internet users in India, these concerns are not relevant anymore.

Take care of time sensitive messages

On an average 80% of smartphone users check their WhatsApp every 15 minutes. Hence, you do not have to worry about the customers missing out any important information. Your customers will always be informed of payment status, pending orders, order status which fosters trust with your business and encourages them to be loyal to your business.

Integration with AI Chatbot

You can integrate AI enabled chatbots to communicate with customers/prospects resolving their common queries allowing businesses to save huge manpower costs.

How is this integration beneficial to all business users?

ERP can be easily integrated with WhatsApp via an add-on developed by Embee and certified by SAP. With the help of WhatsApp integration add on, the users can do multi-layer navigation in the ERP in a much comprehensive manner than SMS.

It will permit the users to fetch real-time reports from the system in the form of PDFs or web page link reducing the need to open ERP app or web version for small tasks. For example, if you type in Total Sales Mumbai Branch, then you will get a reply with the total sales of that branch within specific time.

On the other hand, factory workers, field force etc can click pictures of issues, material delivery proofs in real time and submit into the ERP system reducing the need of any formal training for using dedicated mobile apps etc.

Want more details? Ask for a free demo 

Want to know more about WhatsApp Integration with SAP Business One add-on? How can it facilitate your business and foster great customer relationships? Our team can show you how this add-on can simplify tasks and benefit your business.

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