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Accelerate Your Business Growth with SAP Business One for Logistics

Logistics is one of those industries where operational inaccuracy can result in considerable wastage of effort and resources. Most businesses find it difficult to manage transport as per vehicle category, supervise the ‘inbound’ and ‘outbound’ processes, and optimize routes, transfer orders & deliveries. Supply chain processes involves a wide network of manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, retailers, and customers supply chain management (SCM) is instrumental to achieving business growth in a highly volatile market scenario. To overcome these key business challenges, you need an ERP like SAP Business One for logistics. Having an SAP Business One in place means enhanced productivity and real-time insights across all operations. To control costs, you can use SAP Business One for logistics and easily avail features like standard technology, smooth installation, proper maintenance, and a steady platform. With this software for logistics, you can easily define storage locations in each warehouse.

Features of SAP Business One for Logistics

  • Inventory management– Inventory management is critical for the smooth functioning of all business processes. The system monitors market trends and customer demand to help supervisors plan replenishment orders accordingly.
  • Easy Tracking- Assign serial numbers to all goods that are to be transferred and easily track them.
  • Effective supply chain– Distribute the quantity of any product to multiple locations. Define source and target locations for the products that are required to be delivered.
  • Streamline processes– Integrate other modules, such as stock counting is significantly different for warehouses with bin location.
  • Route and lorry management allows you to manage transportation of the business.
You can easily get a suggestion of alternative routes that helps in reducing delivery time, records multiple locations, handles scheduling and inventory of vehicle types or categories. Once you implement SAP Business One for logistics, you will see radical improvements in the logistics department.
  • With SAP Business One for logistics, you can handle tracking and maintenance of bills and invoices in a lesser time.
  • When you install this ERP for logistics, it helps in maintaining the inventory with efficient use of your time.
  • You can manage routes swiftly and accurately.
  • You can easily generate reports and handle administration across multi-segmented departments.
Up your Logistics Game with Embee- SAP Business One Partner for last 14 years Embee Software is fully committed and focused on supplying, implementing, and supporting SAP Business One software to small and medium-sized businesses through our network. Embee has successfully delivered over 1000 implementations of SAP Business One till date and is known for having a diverse range of customers across all business sectors. We possess the largest and most experienced support network of consultants, which truly sets us apart from other SAP partners in the market. Our key differentiators-
  • Lower TCO (Total cost of ownership)
  • Quicker TTI (Time to implement)
  • Flexible engagement options
  • Business process outsourcing option
  • Prioritized and focused attention to provide comfort to the customer
Our solutions focus on customers looking at integrating, enhancing, extending the utility and effectiveness of the ERP. Partners looking at obtaining cost-effective and stable support and maintenance team. Small and medium businesses looking at implementing user-friendly cost-effective, yet scalable ERP to manage their business and the rapid growth. We bring together Process Consultants, Subject matter experts along with SAP functional and technical consultants from diverse spheres to offer high-quality and effective solutions. SAP Business Starter Package at just ₹3999/- SAP Business One starter package has been specifically designed for small businesses and is ideal for those who want to achieve greater efficiency, visibility, and control without the worry of having to switch software later as the business evolves. If you are looking to have an integrated ecommerce presence, then SAP B1 starter pack by Embee is for you.

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