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Leverage SAP Business One in Food and Beverage to Make Processes Smoother and Faster

SAP dominates the ERP software market in India. Over 47% of enterprises and organizations use SAP tools to run their businesses efficiently. What started as a business management solution for tech companies has, for the good of all, expanded to the Food and Beverages Industry. Let us look at SAP Business One Food and beverage in detail and see what it has to offer.

What is SAP Food and Beverage Solution?

SAP One Food and Beverage solution is the coming-of-the-age business management software system that provides everything your business requires to function at its optimum level.

The Enterprise Resource Planning system of SAP Business One Food and Beverage deals with the real-time information for an end-to-end operation of the business. It includes supply chain management, Quality control, process automation, ingredients tracking, cross-functional reporting, and much more.

With over 17 years in the market, SAP has continuously evolved as one of the most enterprise-friendly corporations. Today, over 60,000 small and medium-sized business customers and 1 million users.

Features of SAP Business One

Businesses prefer SAP Business One because it fulfils all their needs. Before SAP One business owners found it difficult to keep track of their inventory while managing finances. This staggered attention led to hundreds of thousands of rupees being wasted because of not attending to the problem.

SAP Business one takes out the human component from the tracking process and provides real-time information on the status of all your products. This not only increases your business multi-fold but also establishes you as a major player in your market.

Let us look in detail at what SAP Business One in food and beverage has to offer the business owners. The features that stand out and have made SAP Business One – the most popular FMCG enterprise solution is listed below.

Maximized Quality

SAP Business One has set up quality control checks at every crucial stage of the product life cycle. These quality checks start from the purchasing of the products and go up until their delivery to consumers.

These quality checks at every stage follow the highest standard of guidelines giving priority to the customer experience while minimizing cost. Thus, the quality of products that customers put into use is of the highest quality.

Complete Stock Visibility

The other amazing feature of SAP Business One is its ability to suggest when to restock. The advanced forecasting feature of SAP Business One Food and Beverage performs accurate stock control predicting future requirements. It also recommends the stock you need to get lighter on.

The forecasting takes into consideration all the variables of products including their shelf life, inspection dates, and other batch characteristics that are fed into the central platform.

The dynamic inventory created by the complete stock visibility of SAP Business One makes it a favourite among the small, medium, and large business owners alike.

There are many benefits to using SAP Business one in Food and Beverages. The solution reduces production downtime, thus cutting costs for some business owners in halves. The clear traceability of the software solution provides instant visibility of your whole food process.

SAP Business One Partner of Choice

Selecting a partner to implement software packages like SAP presents a unique set of challenges. Necessities such as specialized skills and appropriate testing methodologies are required and depending on sector, budget and specific need would depend on which partner you would use.

A sound understanding of SAP applications and a comprehensive test strategy can go a long way in delivering top-notch quality, on time and within budget, but selecting the wrong partner can rack up costs and minimise your return on investment.

With over 20 consultants, specialist and employees and SAP partner’s people within our network, our SAP B1 solutions will optimise your requirement, help navigate excessive costings, maximise special discounts and minimise the project time frame.

SAP Business Starter Package at just ₹3999/-
SAP Business One starter package has been specifically designed for small businesses and is ideal for those who want to achieve greater efficiency, visibility, and control without the worry of having to switch software later as the business evolves. If you are looking to have an integrated ecommerce presence, then SAP B1 starter pack by Embee is for you.

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