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Tools and Technologies for Smooth Transition to Remote Working

The Indian Wire suggests that – 50% of the workforce in India might continue to work from home permanently post Covid. So remote working is here to stay. But are businesses in India, is your business equipped with efficient remote work tools to manage a virtual working team? Managing a remote workforce and creating a secure virtual workspace can be daunting. Limited employee engagement, ability to collaborate and ensure effective communication, tracking productivity, devising and implementing new strategies, hiring and managing new employees, and sometimes even limitations on home set-ups are only some of the challenges faced with working remotely. This is why businesses need remote work tools and technologies that can help them transition to work from home seamlessly and make it more effective. Below are 6 tools and technologies that we feel that will facilitate and simplify a remote workplace: –

1. Keep all the data in the cloud

The Cloud platform is the biggest enabler of a remote workplace. It enables them to function seamlessly, efficiently, securely, and cost-effectively while also serving as the foundation for digital transformation and ongoing innovation. The high availability and scalability features of the platform ensures optimum investment. While the cloud has been a desired platform for many, many organizations have refrained from the transition. Not anymore though. Embee alone has seen a surge in the Cloud adoption from its customers. Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft shared that ’Microsoft witnessed two years of digital transformation in the first two months since the COVID 19 pandemic broke out’. The Gartner CIO Agenda survey too validates that 34% of CIOs in India are expected to increase their spending on cloud services in 2020. So, if your team is working remotely, you need to adopt the Cloud. It is no longer an option but a business necessity. And Microsoft 365 is a popular and business favorite option here. It is a comprehensive remote work tool fostering teamwork, collaboration, and effective communications in a secure manner.

2. HRMS Solution

HRMS or Human Resource Management System has transformed the way HR functions. But now more than ever businesses need to adopt this technology to bring in process agility, manage new recruitments effectively, process payroll accurately amongst so many more tasks.  This technology is resource-efficient, time-saving, and streamlines all employee-related processes to truly simplify HR. Octane is a web and SaaS-based comprehensive HRMS solution from Embee which captures and effectively manages the entire employee lifecycle. For a demo, click here.

3. Ensure a secure working environment

A remote workplace demands stringent security policies and solutions in place to be able to bring that perfect balance between team productivity and ensuring data security. Ensure your infrastructure is protected with remote work tools such as firewalls, anti-virus software to more sophisticated security and data and identity management solutions such as ATP and Azure Active Directory to boost your security posture, detect possible data breaches and ensure minimum business impact.

4. A robust Intranet

A robust intranet is critical to make your remote team as effective and productive as before. It enables the team to actively share all project-related documents, data, and resources securely and seamlessly. Teams can collaborate, provide feedback, and be up-to-date with the progress of the project. Such a tool also helps them to manage deadlines, allocate resources, and ensure on-time delivery. SharePoint is Microsoft’s intelligent, mobile intranet that helps teams to share and manage data, information, and applications to empower teamwork, quickly find information, and seamlessly collaborate across the organization.

5. A virtual workspace

Working remotely is difficult. The most challenging part is the absence of constant communication along with the lack of ability to collaborate, both with an individual person and as a team. Such voids can hamper team productivity and restrict the team from achieving any deadlines or customer commitments they may have. That is why you must invest and adopt a robust collaboration remote work tool, like Teams, that facilitate team collaboration, organization, productivity, audio and video conferencing, and team messaging. In the wake of the pandemic, Embee empowered over 500+ education institutions in India with Microsoft Teams to facilitate and continue learning.

6. Use Task Management Software

Managing teams remotely can be a daunting task and with no supervision, employees tend to slack on performance. To ensure team productivity it is important to adopt a Task Management Software that will help you to assign tasks and build accountability. You can use a platform to create new plans, organize and assign tasks, and share documents. You also get a detailed and organized view of the team’s tasks, review projects, and deadlines, monitor individual performance making the entire process transparent. With remote working here to stay, it’s important to empower your business with the right set of remote work tools and technologies to ensure business survival. Embee offers Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) along with Enterprises with remote-ready solutions to enable business continuity, robust security, and productivity while scaling their operations at a reasonable cost. To know more, click here.
Embee provides a wide range of solutions to enable seamless and cost-effective digital transformation for businesses. With 500K+ active seats on Office 365 and the experience of 120k+ virtual machines deployed and managed – Embee is your partner that can help you transition effortlessly. Connect with a team of certified experts to accelerate growth, design a future-ready strategy, increase savings, and amp up productivity. Bring out the best in your workforce cost-effectively with VirtuaPlace.

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