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Securing Organizational Data with Octane HRMS

The HR department is the most responsible division for organizational data since HR data contains personal information and necessary details about employees. The increase in data threats is an alarming situation for organizations. To secure HR data from threats and unauthorized access, it is becoming more essential than ever to put measures that raise data protection to a notch.

According to the statistics by Gartner, business leaders across the globe are increasingly becoming aware of the threats looming over organizational data. However, several organizations have not executed the necessary data security standards to protect their data from threats. This can be a potentially threatening concern because data breaches are increasing day by day.

Security breaches and data being spread all over the web is the greatest fear that any organization can ever encounter. Information stored in an HRMS is susceptible and contains the company’s confidential data, leading to a vast legal suit when stolen or breached.

The new age HRMS software is enabled with advanced data security features to help businesses today overcome the challenge of managing their organizational data security. Octane HRMS is an example of an integrated HR Management platform with advanced security levels to protect HR data.

Importance of Choosing the right HRMS Software

Most companies now allow employees to access portions of the HRMS solutions. This is where employees must understand the importance of maintaining the system’s integrity and protecting essential information it contains (i.e., no password sharing). This involves choosing the right kind of HRMS solution from the time you decide to go in for one. Why?

The statistics show:

  • 1,000+ sensitive files (inc. credit card numbers and health records) and other are seen left unprotected, and more than 41% of companies say that they possess such data on their HRMS system. (Varonis)
  • 43% of the cost of a cyber-attack represents a loss of information. (Accenture)
  • More than $3.5 Billion was lost to cybercrime globally in 2019 (security boulevard)
  • A malware attack on the company costs, on average, $2.4 million. (Accenture)

What state and federal laws govern HR data privacy compliance?

HR management have multiple responsibilities, but none as essential as their responsibility to secure employees and the company. That means they must take on a partially different role than in past years and find out what federal and state laws apply to your business regarding data privacy compliance.

State laws vary in how they specifically address data breaches and sensitive data. Look at state laws as they apply to your business. Recently added state laws may also coincide with other laws.

The U.S. needs an extensive federal law regulating how personal information is gathered and used. Rather, it carries how distinct sectors must handle sensitive information.

State laws may have additional demands and limitations on how employers operate, accumulate and transfer employee details. An employer’s liability for data breaches varies state by state.

California and Massachusetts, for example, have been more involved than other states in passing data privacy legislation, so they have more compliance necessities.

Implementing Data Security with Octane HRMS

The data stored in HRMS is compassionate; thus, the security of an HRMS solution must be of huge concern for businesses who prefer to use an HRMS solution. Does the system utilize SSL technology to encode data transferred over the internet? How many layers of safety (i.e., firewalls, antivirus software, etc.) does it have? Does the system allow you to set particular permissions for users at various levels? Can it be custom-made to meet your business needs?

Octane HRMS offers several advanced security features to ensure the security of user data, both On-Premises, and Cloud. The security features cover each element of data security, including encryption of user data, physical protection of user data, Managed access of data to secure unauthorized access, internal security controls, and more.

Physical Security

Octane HRMS assures that the application is only accessible using the secure HTTPS protocol. Execution of port-based restrictions provides only the required ports to access the HRMS applications. The software has antivirus software inaugurated to protect user data, and the Azure security center monitors and outlines threats and susceptibilities.

Data Encryption

Octane HRMS provides encrypted user credentials (Username and Password). The application is configured with an SSL certificate and has executed GDPRS compliance. With encrypted confidential data of users in the database, the application assures advanced security of user data and controls threats and susceptibilities.

User-Based Security

Octane HRMS has implemented a customized password policy for maintaining the security of user accounts, along with a data purging policy for inactive users. It also offers defined application access using the Access Right management module. The application also implements IP-based restrictions to restrict remote login access to the servers only to specific IPs.

The Conclusive Note

In addition to the data security measures, Octane HRMS also ensures complete privacy of user data through GDPR Compliance. This feature assures the users that a protocol is being followed for collecting their data, which requires their consent, which builds trust.

The search for the right HRMS for your business growth requires you to have a good knowledge of what your business requirements are. A customized solution will often offer more significant data security and more tools to allow you to take your business further.

Is there a solution to the problem? Embee can help you with its HRMS software “Octane”. Why don’t you contact us!

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