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Work is Where the Heart is – A Practical Guide to Building an Adaptive Digital Workplace of Tomorrow

The remote workplace setup has laid the foundation for a work culture that goes beyond physical presence and locations- What once upon a time was a preference thought to be unrealistic is today a necessity. Organizations globally are compelled to design strategies that enable employees to effectively work remotely.

Digital transformation for most small medium businesses and enterprises is now about being dynamic, and constantly responding and adapting to internal and external challenges, which can potentially lead to disrupted work processes, distracted employees and hampered productivity. Incessant enhancement of digital workplace technologies and embracing cultures empowers employees at all levels to sustain and proactively participate in the strategic digital transformation initiatives, overcome setbacks and explore new opportunities for the business. Employees are now becoming a part of the digital journey- they cannot be left behind.

Work is no more limited to a single workplace. Gartner’s 2020 Digital Workplace Survey reveals that 68% of respondents believe that more C-level execs have expressed involvement in the digital workplace since COVID-19.

The imminent requirement for the dispersed workforce is seamless networking, intuitive collaboration, and advanced security. While there are no two ways about thinking long-term and building a workplace that ensures resilience and business continuity – how must one approach this concept?

Here is a brief guide to navigating the maze and gain clarity on the available options to build an adaptive digital workplace of tomorrow –

Key Factors to Keep in Mind

1. Assessing and prioritizing the requirements across departments
2. A holistic approach to the implementation and adoption of technology
3. Targeting to build resilience and agility with uncompromised security
4. Defining timelines to achieve specific goals

An arsenal of technology-based solutions to address the diverse requirements

  • Cloud Computing Technology – Cloud computing is a game changer when it comes to working remotely and is the basis on which technological solutions are built. Cloud computing allows business continuity, effective digital transformation, resilience during unpredictable times, heightened security and enhanced employee productivity. As per a recent IDC report, 64% of organisations in India are expected to increase the demand for cloud computing, while 56% are expected to choose adopt a cloud software to adapt to the new normal. And the pay-as-you-go model of SaaS allows organizations to keep the expenses in check.
  • Intuitive Collaboration Platforms – To overcome the challenges that come with the absence of physical proximity of teams, a smart collaboration software is crucial. It must enable employees to meet virtually, collaborate to arrive at decisions faster and thereby efficiently meet the customer expectations. Web conferencing, chat-based collaboration, secure file sharing, virtual meeting rooms are some of the key requirements to work remotely. A smart collaboration tool is built to improve transparency, security and productivity. A wide range of tools and solutions are available to meet all the diverse requirements.
    [Download Teams eBook ] to check out how Microsoft Teams is turning out to be a gamechanger in the remote productivity, communication, & collaboration space]
  • Security Framework – Ensuring security while building an adaptive digital workplace is perceived as walking on a tightrope by organizations. However, application of advanced IT security solutions help to address the concerns and strengthen the IT framework for continuous growth. Leveraging security solutions such as identity and access management and data loss prevention enables protection of data during remote working.
  • Smart Networking Solutions – Boost efficiency by enabling employees to communicate virtually with smart cloud-based intranet solutions. An integrated networking tool allows transparency and guides decision making. Ease of sharing and access to resources helps to improve productivity, save time and meet customer requirements effortlessly.
  • Enterprise Mobility Solutions – To improve employee availability and enhance customer service, BYOD is an undisputable necessity and will continue to remain a priority post Covid-19. As a business owner, it will be crucial to meet the security standards for effective data protection. A 360 degree approach that addresses the key requirements of encryption, role-based access, back up and authentication will be needed. Consulting an experienced IT solutions provider helps you explore the possibility. Leading IT firms offer affordable, sophisticated solutions that encompass all requirements and pave the way for a truly, productive, secure remote workforce.
    Once the key tools and solutions are in place, the next step would be to ensure adoption of the technology. To facilitate the same, re-skilling and upskilling will prove fruitful. Training sessions clubbed with a sound work from home policy will help to build a cohesive, adaptive digital workplace of tomorrow.

Keeping in mind the diverse requirements, Embee brings to you – VirtuaPlace – a one-stop solution to find just the right set of tools and solutions that drive digital transformation and fast-track implementation and adoption.

Embee’s VirtuaPlace provides a wide-range of solutions to enable seamless and cost-effective digital transformation for businesses. With 500K+ active seats on Office 365 and the experience of 120k+ virtual machines deployed and managed – Embee is a trusted partner to adapt to the new normal effectively. Connect with a team of experts to explore the possibilities, seek guidance on the way forward and build a secure, growth-oriented digital workplace of tomorrow.

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