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How SAP Business One on Azure Can Reduce Business Operations Cost?

The most profitable businesses you have seen have made it this far due to their strategic play and minimized their costs to sustainably grow and increase their earnings. Implementing SAP on the Azure cloud within your business is one of the most effective ways to operate fluidly, remain flexible and current while saving lots of money.

An ERP software creates a virtual bridge between the various departments within your business. The result is a more efficient process for business, with a minimum of delays and information bottlenecks.

SAP Business One, whether cloud-based or on-premises, is an excellent tool for reducing costs.

1. No up-front cost

One of the main reasons that companies hesitate to adopt ERP software is the initial cost. Cloud-based models of SAP comes to the rescue. The companies do not have to shell out a large amount of cash upfront when they choose to use SAP on Azure because they can get it on a yearly subscription model.

2. No Need to Buy Expensive Hardware

If a business chooses SAP on cloud, then it is not necessary to purchase and maintain costly hardware. This means you can reduce the maintenance expenses for the equipment.

3. You don’t need a large it team if you opt for SAP on Azure

Another benefit that cloud SAP solution is that you don’t require a large IT department to maintain the ERP software operating all the time. Updates are made through the cloud.

In case of any issue with performance, there is always 24*7 support offered by leading SAP partners like Embee Software. It is no surprise that you will save lots of money since it’s possible to keep your IT department to be minimum and focus on core tasks.

4. No disruption even after an update

On-premises SAP needs to be updated every now and then to ensure that it’s in line with the evolving business needs. However, these updates could cost more than once. The first is that you need to pay for updates. In addition, you need to engage experts to fix the bugs and issues. With cloud ERP the upgrade costs are included in the cost of subscription.

5. Cut security, compliance, and other costs

Businesses deal with sensitive customer information. Data leaks could be a cause for lawsuits and reputation damage. So, if they are using an in-house ERP database and application layers, they need to protect the server from both physical and cyber-attacks.

From secured buildings that are dedicated to security CCTVs, security staff, and other security measures to firewalls and antivirus – security of data is an ongoing cost. For instance, a basic firewall could cost a company $450-$2500. There’s also the fee for subscriptions from $50 to $6000.

Cloud ERP allows you’ll be able to avoid security cost for data to a great extent. Of course, it is your responsibility to ensure that your part of the network safe and ensure that access control is in place. Beyond that making sure that your database and server safe is the responsibility of the SAP partners such as Embee Software.

SAP on cloud can cut costs by 15% in comparison to businesses that use on-premises SAP Business One. With SAP certified consultants, our SAP B1 solutions will optimise your requirement, help navigate excessive costings, maximise special discounts and minimise the project time frame.

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