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GST E-invoicing Simplified with Embee’s E-invoicing Add on

Do you also face problems such as integration or upgradation of the existing IT systems, invoicing practices, and the need to imparting training to the personnel while implementing GST e-invoicing in your ERP systems?

You don’t have to worry anymore.

Embee as a leading SAP partner in India offers GST e-invoicing add-on to fast track your e-invoice authentication process with government portals and GST returns.

So, what is e-invoicing, and why it is crucial for your business?

What is GST E-Invoice?

E-invoicing is a system that validates all the B2B invoices online by GSTN. A unique identification number will be issued against every invoice it validates. Invoice Registration Portal (IRP) will be authenticated through GSTN.

The SAP® Business One application offers a single, affordable way to manage your entire business – from sales and customer relationships to financials and operations. Designed specifically for SME businesses, it helps you streamline processes, act on timely information, and accelerate profitable growth.

Why GST e-invoice is the need of the hour for every business?

  • E-invoice eliminates errors in data reconciliation under GST and decreases the chances of discrepancies.
  • Better transparency and access control.
  • Real-time tracking of e-invoices.
  • All the required fields will be auto-filled which saves a lot of time in filing returns.
  • Reliability of genuine input tax credit.
  • As the process becomes more transparent and the information is scanned at the transaction level, there are lesser interventions by tax authorities.

What is GSTN’s e-invoicing initiative?

SAP Business One will follow PEPPOL (Pan European Public Procurement Online) standard for invoice generation as set by the GST Council. This allows businesses to share information regarding their trade and supply in a standard format enabling a single entry.

The GSTN’s e-invoice will constitute the below parts:

  • E-invoice schema: It contains a technical field name and details of sample values to fill in the detail.
  • Masters: It has fields like State Code, invoice type, etc.
  • E-invoice template: It allows readers to compare the terms which are present in other sheets. Green are the mandatory fields while yellow is the optional fields.

How does GST e-invoicing addon work?

Our e-invoicing add-on for SAP B1 will automatically prepare invoice data as per the IRP scheme, with required fields such as GSTIN numbers of supplier and buyer, Invoice number, Invoice date, Invoice Type, State, and item level details.

  • Send Invoice Data (JSON File) to Invoice Registration Portal, using either of the facilities:
  • JSON File integrates with -> GST Suvidha Provider (GSP) using APIs or
  • JSON File ->Direct Upload to IRP Portal.
  • IRP will validate, generate, and send: –
    • Unique Invoice Reference Number (IRN) to the taxpayer.
    • QR code of E-Invoice to the taxpayer.
    • Digitally signed E-invoice to taxpayer and buyer (if e-mail id is provided).
  • Our Add-on will provide software features to update IRN and QR code on the invoice data.

Future-Ready IT Systems 

SAP Business One’s unique features and scalability capabilities helped our customers prepare for expansion into more business-lines and locations. It is a proven solution for the mid-market segment and is ideal for organizations looking to move from an unorganized legacy-system-based setup to a completely integrated environment.

Embee’s customized Integrated Management Solution based on SAP Business One brings you on the right path for fast-track growth by attaining top levels of quality and efficiency through process simplification and elimination of production errors.

Embee provides a wide range of solutions to enable seamless and cost-effective digital transformation for businesses. With 500K+ active seats on Office 365 and the experience of 120k+ virtual machines deployed and managed – Embee is your partner that can help you transition effortlessly. Connect with a team of certified experts to accelerate growth, design a future-ready strategy, increase savings, and amp up productivity. Bring out the best in your workforce cost-effectively with VirtuaPlace.

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