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Everything you need to know about Managed Services in under 3 minutes!

Sumit J., IT Manager of a media company based out of Mumbai, joined the organization when it was a very small company with barely 20-25 resources and operations limited to Mumbai and its suburbs. Gradually, within the span of nine years, the organization grew, and so did Sumit and his role. Today, as a CTO, Sumit feels heavily pressured to achieve a 100% business continuity for a hassle-free broadcast on TV networks. Instead of empowering the organization, he felt technology was blocking the route to achieve their business goals. The technologies they were using were dated, their web-based applications demanded a secure, reliable, highly available technology environment.

The weight of years of internal processes and traditional IT stifled growth and innovation. Sumit and his team spent most of their time in making sense of all the IT complexities that were holding them back. New kept getting newer. Being modern was not enough. Fragmentation of devices, serving on-demand content on these new devices, scaling up while broadcasting a sporting event, making content accessible and relevant to different audiences, and the unprecedented pressure to rapidly innovate and outpace rivals was only frustrating him more.

There are hundreds and thousands of businesses that die just because of their inability to match paces with rapidly changing technology landscape and IT department with limited expertise. While the cost of hiring new staff can be staggering, Managed IT Services comes to the rescue.

At Embee, we have worked with multiple business leaders across diverse industries to integrate Managed Services into their IT Strategy resulting in cost reductions and improved service. But there’s definitely more to it than what meets the eye. Hence, we bring to you a detailed take on what Managed Services are and what values they could add to your business.

What is Managed Services?

Managed IT services is a means for standard IT maintenance off-site to relax the over-stressed team of your IT professionals or deploy modern technologies to stay ahead of the IT curve. To be precise, an external IT service provider monitors and looks after your IT and technology needs to streamline processes and improve productivity.

The rising popularity and prevalence of Managed IT services might encourage you to implement IT solutions within your organization.

A managed service model encompasses a range of IT solutions that your business needs. It includes everything from basic functions like storage and email hosting to sophisticated security measures, business agility, on-premise support, platform managed services, productivity managed services, NOC support, cloud-based service delivery, disaster recovery, implementing machine learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and intensive training.

IDC findings state that, “Managed security services will represent the largest technology category with more than US $ 21 billion investment around-the-clock”.

As managed IT services enable organization to tap into the cost-effective and flexible contingent workforce, it is projected that the market will reach US$282 billion by 2023, up from US$ 180.5 billion in 2018 at a growth rate of 9.3 percent, Research and Market reports.

How Managed IT Services facilitate your IT transformation?

Benefits of Managed IT Services ranges from transparent and predictable pricing to achieving a relaxed state of mind where you no longer worry about IT management and focus on things that matter to your business’ growth. Here’s more to it:

Innovation and reliability

Plugging in the relevant, modern technologies for your business that improves operations, customer experience, and revenue is crucial and is one of the main reasons to adopt external IT managed resources. Technologies of tomorrow are enabling businesses to reimagine their business case, and experts over these technologies only help you make these moves faster.

Improves productivity

Whether you run an SMEs or a large enterprise, managed services boosts your overall business productivity. It addresses your important pain areas such as outages and security vulnerabilities by delivering a detailed solution tweaked to your business specific issues. You will have an IT environment that is reliable, scalable, and well-supported.

Reduces Infrastructure costs

Switching to a managed service reduces your infrastructure costs in several ways. As an external IT service provider manages the infrastructure, you can downscale on-site infrastructure by centralizing the management processes through the service provider’s data centers. Also, you save consulting, licensing, and training costs. It enables you to upscale too. You have all the flexibility as per your business needs.

Reduces risk

With managed services, there is no risk while adopting new technologies. A Capex and pay-as-use models will suffice the organization to carry on with new technology. There will be no hiring, training, managing, certifying, or any associated risks while implementing technologies. As a result, several businesses are switching over to managed services. Business owners and C-level can devote their time for major business function and increase customer satisfaction.

Reduces downtime

According to Gartner, IT downtime costs $5,600 per minute on average, depending on the differences in how businesses operate, the costs can range from $140,000 per hour to as much as $540,000 per hour at the higher end. A proactive Managed Services partner like Embee Software implements a strategic plan to minimize outage issues while limiting the effects of downtime on the business.


Opting for managed services leads to transparency in project deliveries without diluting the core business functionalities. It enriches the levels of compliance, governance and promote timely achievement of internal and external requirements. Further, it maximizes the roles and responsibilities without compromising on quality and functioning of the team.

Embee is a recognized leading technology partner in India with 34+ years of experience in delivering digital transformation to its 2000+ customers. We are uniquely positioned to empower businesses to be more with Cloud and Datacentre Technologies enabling them to leverage the latest resources on various cloud platforms while optimizing costs, through application modernization and serverless computing. Choosing a right managed services provider ensures you attain peace of mind and focus entirely on your day-to-day business operations and exceling strategies.

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