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Different Types Of Managed Cloud Services

With managed cloud services, businesses, no matter their size, get to access partial or complete cloud management deployment in public environments. The same deployments can be done for the hybrid IT infrastructure as well.  

Each Managed Cloud Service Provider (MCSP) takes care of certain aspects of your business to streamline the complex tasks. These services include migration, optimization, security, configuration, and others.  

Spending on public cloud services worldwide is expected to grow by 21.7% in 2023, reaching $597.3 billion by the end of the year. Your business, too, can take the benefit of cost reductions, faster response times, lower risk of failures, and maintaining compliance by using the managed cloud services in the right way.   

As one of the top IT managed service providers in India and around the world, it is our responsibility to help consumers like you find out what the different types of managed services you can avail for a business. This blog will help you in making better decisions and align your IT infrastructure well with these cloud services.  

Cloud Advisory Services 

Cloud advisory services allow organizations to find the appropriate opportunities that can take advantage of cloud computing.  

These services can be deployed via the existing cloud or from a more modernized cloud model. With these services, organizations can bring sustainable business benefits to current working conditions.  

Besides this, cloud advisory services deal with developing a cloud strategy along with a detailed cost-benefit analysis and a roadmap for the cloud adaptation, migration, and modernization plans.  

Cloud Migration Services  

This form of managed cloud service involves moving applications and data from one location, such as a company’s private or on-site servers, to the public cloud. Likewise, the migration can also be done between different cloud services based on the requirements.  

The main benefit of using managed IT support services for cloud migration is that it will help in improving the performance and turnaround time for the projects. In addition to this, security will be taken much more seriously, and employees will find ease of usage.  

The two crucial factors of any cloud migration are:- 

  • The type of workload that needs to be migrated.  
  • The location to which the workload is going to be shifted.  

Cloud Security and Governance 

Cloud security and governance is another popular outsourced IT service where a management model is built to facilitate effective and efficient security measures for operations in cloud infrastructure.  

Some of the main objectives of cloud security and governance are to provide strategic alignment, lower the delivery time, effective use of all the resources, and the ability to measure performance. 

To get the most out of this form of managed IT security services from providers, you first need to understand the operational culture and ethics of the business, along with its customer profiles. After attaining enough information about the parameters mentioned above, an effective security model can be custom-made for the business.   

Cloud Architecture & Design Services  

One of the bigger parts of managed IT cloud solutions is the cloud architecture and design services that create comprehensive guidelines on how to implement cloud adoption and optimization inhibitors.  

Once you chalk out the needs of your business, an IT service provider like us will make a customized business that is ready to be integrated into your business without disrupting the working.  

The integration of cloud architecture will lead to the creation of infrastructure and platform strategy with the added features of advanced security, cyber resilience, and tons of management models at the business’s disposal.  

Cloud Optimization Services   

This form of managed IT services for small businesses helps in selecting the correct process and assigning the right resources to various workloads or applications that are operational in business.  

Cloud optimization aims to deliver the best workload performance, compliance, and cost-effectiveness that blends in with the already-established IT infrastructure to achieve efficiency.   

Furthermore, there’s a constant turmoil that IT Ops have to face between the requirements that are levelled by the finance departments, who are always looking to cut the cost of cloud spending to stay within budget. On the other hand, there are application owners who are always looking to acquire more resources for their apps and never want to hear their cloud quota being reduced.   

As a result, cloud optimization services will assist these highly skilled individuals in finding the perfect balance between the two parties. With this, CloudOps can maximize value-for-spend and, at the same time, deliver the topmost performance to application owners, making their end-users happy as well.  

Virtualized IT Support  

Another significant part of outsourced IT services is virtualized IT support. This is because moving toward better performance is the goal of every IT company. With this form of managed IT support service, companies get a virtual version of a server or a computer system via software.  

Thus, ditching the expenditure on hardware and space requirements of these virtual machines. With virtualized IT support, your company can easily centralize administrative tasks and increase the workloads to upscale the business.  

Virtualization is based on partitioning, where a single physical server is divided into multiple logical servers, which then can be used to run different types of operating systems and applications independently.   

Productivity Managed Services  

IT support and productivity-managed services allow you to move past reactive, “break-fix” approaches to proactive maintenance.  

As a result, your recurring IT problems will slowly vanquish, and a smaller number of breakdowns or issues will be faced by the employees. Thus, team members can perform tasks with higher efficiency and resolve customer problems at a much faster pace to achieve business goals.  


Embee offers you a customized, cost-effective, and sound business strategy that makes it possible for your business to always stay on top of the competitors. We not only fulfill your cloud needs, but we also curate a fresh perspective of cloud computing in the organizational mindset.  

According to one of the reports published by JumpCloud, around 65% of SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) are now working with MSPs (Managed Service Providers) or considering working with them shortly. Likewise, 43.5% fully outsource their IT program to MSP.   

So, if you haven’t been part of the innovation, now is the perfect time for you to collaborate with Embee and achieve all your business goals with the support of the best cloud services in the market.  

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