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Busting Myths about Enterprise Mobility – Part 1

While research states that 70% of professionals will work via smart, mobile devices by 2018, many organizations in India hold numerous myths about Enterprise Mobility. It’s time to bust them.

Let’s take a look at the most common myths:

Myth 1: Mobility Compromises Data Security.

Businesses believe that improved mobility for employees make data security vulnerable. It disrupts the information flow designed and increases risks of data theft and unauthorized access. Lastly, leveraging new technology and developing new business applications is expensive.

Enterprise mobility is a growing priority for every global CIO, and is expected to be worth over USD 266 Billion by 2019.

Truth: It’s all about finding the right enterprise mobility solutions. Investing in the right mobility and information security management partner means steering clear of the crippling costs associated with data breaches. Embee uses advanced remediation strategies and comprehensive security assessment reports to address all potential defense gaps and ensure that your network is protected at every level. We focus on Analytics, Mobile Device Management, Encryption, Authentication and Strict Policies to implement a mobile strategy in a risk-free way.

Myth 2: My business doesn’t need such solutions.

Many business leaders are of the opinion that business mobility is optional. Their customers are not particularly concerned about prompt actions nor is BYOD a rage amongst the employees.

Truth: The fact is, every business today needs mobility. One third of enterprise data is accessed via mobile devices. Your customers have gone mobile and so have your employees. Rather than ignoring this fact, address it by creating a company-wide policy which should include the acceptable use of devices, security measures, technical standards, etc.

One third of enterprise data is accessed via mobile devices.

Plus, your employees and stakeholders too, for that matter, expect a seamless, ‘always-on’, hyper-connected work environment that allows them to be productive outside the constraints of time and place. Holistically, every business that strives to bridge the gap between suppliers, employers, partners and customers to streamline the flow of business information between them, needs mobility solutions to gain a competitive edge.

Take a look at the top 4 questions you must answer while planning your Enterprise Mobility Solution.

Myth 3: Mobile apps are not applicable for our business.

Many businesses earlier believed that mobile applications are only customer-bound and would not be relevant for internal purposes. While major conglomerates have progressed and begun developing their own apps, there are still many SMEs that deem mobile applications to be of limited or no practice.

IDC survey claims that 37% of Indian organizations rated Enterprise Mobility as a high priority.

Truth: Enterprise app developers—including the Microsoft’s, IBMs, Oracles and SAPs of the world—have gone to great lengths to develop mobile-native versions of some of their biggest applications. Not to mention the hundreds, if not thousands of start-ups that have developed business applications for smartphones and tablets – leading to more employees wanting and expecting to use mobile applications to do their work.

Myth 4: Mobility is complicated and costly

Planning for enterprise mobility and deploying the solutions are expensive as it requires considerable infrastructural changes. The framework is complex and needs to be updated on regular intervals to ensure a seamless systematization of business processes.

Truth: While organizations need to invest in technology one doesn’t realise that Mobility can help organizations save huge costs by reducing physical space and encourage “bring your own device” (BYOD) policies resulting in a large ROI. With robust mobility solutions, organizations also benefit from increased employee productivity and increased flexibility.

Myth 5: Mobility is all about the device

Mobility is only as effective as the device. Whether mobility works for an organization or not depends heavily on the types of devices used by employees and how much work can be done with these devices.

Truth: Mobility has never strictly been about devices. For businesses, it’s all about the network, with applications maybe running a close second. It is proper deployment and maintenance of the right networking solutions that determine how agile and efficient a business can be. Regular appraisals of a customer’s network can not only identify potential access problems—but also let you evaluate the network’s performance and gauge whether it is prepared to handle additional users and bandwidth necessary to accommodate the expected increase in mobile workers.

A great business strategy today, demands a robust enterprise mobility management platform.  Those who do not adopt them will find themselves struggling in the future as it impacts employee productivity, organization flexibility, customer service, company collaboration, business profits and more. We have enlisted some more myths here that you can find out about. But all in all, invest in a mobility solution that will empower your business to be effective.

We have enlisted some more myths here that you can find out about. But all in all, invest in a mobility solution that will empower your business to be effective.

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