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5 Key Enterprise Mobility Trends to Look Out for in 2024

Recently we saw a surge of businesses planning and adopting advanced mobile technologies to protect data, boost productivity, improve employee satisfaction and lower costs. Now, with Stratistics MRC predicting the Global Enterprise Mobility Market to reach $1225.78 billion by 2026, let’s look at the new trends reshaping this sector:

1. Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI):

Enterprise mobility is largely focused at enabling employees to be more efficient and productive. The inclusion of AI will help them be further precise and accurate and improve both employee and customer experiences. 

A survey of Global 500 companies found that leaders choosing to invest in AI and automation business tools and software solutions expect to see significant growth within the next few years.

The following infographic explains how AI is enhancing efficiency and transforming processes in critical areas like operations management, device management, user experience, security, applications and more.

2. 5G technology will revolutionize enterprise mobility:

With the imminent rollout of the 5th generation of mobile communications, apps will load faster, and remote working will get easier. For business, it will enable use of AI, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and video conferencing across all apps, eventually necessitating organizations to invest in these technologies to enhance their customer and employee experiences further. 

While the impact of 5G on strategic IT programs may still be subject to speculation, experts agree that organizations must start to rethink, evaluate and redesign their IT infrastructure to support 5G technology and leverage it.

3. Internet of Things (IoT) will be instrumental to enterprise mobility strategizing:

Driven by Internet of Things (IoT), enterprise mobility now incorporates a range of technologies wider than before, including biometric, geo-fencing, location tracking, virtual reality, business analytics, artificial intelligence, etc. IoT-integration is not only enabling businesses to meet the demand for enhanced flexibility from BYOD-preferring modern workforce, it is also enabling organizations to be more data-driven and strategize better. While IoT is seeing considerable application in a number of industries, researchers agree that its true potential, in terms of mobility, is much bigger and can even change the way businesses are conducted today.

4. Security will be a priority, more than ever:

With mobile devices having become the main target for phishing attacks (85% annually), Mobile Threat Defense as a service or MTD is fast becoming an absolute necessity for businesses. Investments in features like advanced biometrics, improved facial recognition and no-scanning security measures are likely to increase in an attempt to secure mobile data further. It may not be wrong to state that enterprise mobility will adopt the latest policy of zero trust cybersecurity. To know why you must implement MTD at your organization, take a quick look at this video:


5. Adoption of unified endpoint management (UEM) will skyrocket:

In an attempt to harness the full potential of mobility solutions, businesses are moving closer to an IT landscape with more endpoints which has necessitated the adoption of unified endpoint management (UEM) solutions. While the adoption rate till now has been low, stakeholders are starting reconsider the importance of UEM in their security strategy. These solutions can help enterprises set up a single console to remotely manage and control all the new endpoints to streamline workflows, increase productivity, minimize errors, achieve long-term cost savings and improve employee satisfaction.

As organizations focus their annual vision, they must stay on top these trends to ace the enterprise mobility and digital transformation competition. The importance of partnering with the right mobility enabler cannot be emphasized enough. After all, adopting enterprise mobility isn’t just about increasing availability, convenience, engagement, and agility; it is also about readying the organization for much greater achievements now and ahead.

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