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Embee’s Windows Virtual Desktop Deployment Revolutionizes Remote Workforce’s Productivity of Leading Aviation and Hospitality Leader

With the pandemic spread of the COVID-19 showing no signs of abating, a lot of organizations have been reaching out to Embee for Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solutions. To tackle the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis, Embee has empowered quite a few businesses by shifting to a work-from-home model for ensuring employee safety while maintaining business continuity.

Our customer is India’s leading and one of the most respected conglomerates holding leadership positions in Aviation, Hospitality and Travel related services. Driven by a workforce of over 28,000 people spread across 28+ countries and 96+ cities globally, our customer was facing challenges pertaining to enhancing the efficiency and productivity of their remote teams without compromising upon the experience of their customers.

After comparing the ROI on VMWare on Azure and Microsoft WVD, customer decided to choose Microsoft technology route. Thanks to Microsoft’s advancement in the VDI space, it was possible for us to plan & setup an infrastructure that could support more than 200 customer agents within few days.

Use of Legacy Solutions Hampered the Productivity and Efficiency of Remote Workforce

The customer was facing challenges in managing and improving the productivity of their remote teams without compromising the experience of their customers.

Upon taking a deeper dive into customer’s business requirements, our Microsoft experts found out that the customer was looking for a VDI solution which could support Avaya and Cisco Softphones without compromising the voice quality for their agents.

The engagement began with creating a pilot solution for VMware on Azure. However, Team Embee was convinced that the same functionalities could be easily achieved through Microsoft WVD solution as well. After the customer approved the idea, our Microsoft experts technically demonstrated the desired functionalities on WVD.

Embee Implemented Microsoft WVD Solution for Remote Desktop Management

During the project discovery phase, Team Embee accounted on enhancing the process efficiency, experience, and productivity of the remote teams. Adoption of the DaaS solution has helped them save on the hardware refresh of distributed IT infrastructure.

The solution is also helping companies reduce usage costs, as this DaaS solution is based on the pay-as-you-go model, enabling infrastructure availability during seasonal business spikes.

Following were the steps taken to setup Windows Virtual Desktop:

  • Since the customer was already using Office 365 as their email service provider, they already had on-prem AD in sync with Azure AD.
  • Embee has setup networking in Azure with multiple Subnets, NSG and established a site to site connection with the customer’s Data Center. This was required to ensure that Virtual desktops are part of their AD domain for policies & controls to work and users can access business applications hosting in their DC including some of their LOB’s like ticket booking apps, CRM over and above the softphones.
  • We also published the Cisco and Avaya softphones on WVD and enabled the users to dial out from WVD machines and Audio redirection was configured to optimize audio delivery.
  • Automation was set up to achieve cost optimization.

Microsoft WVD Solution Boosted Remote Productivity and Management of 500+ Remote Agents

The current solution is resulting in approximately USD 3000 per month in Azure Consumption and we expect to add another 300+ agents in the next few weeks.  All data and applications are stored securely in a centralized location and employees can access their familiar desktop, applications, and data securely and reliably from any location or device.  Some of the benefits provided by our solution include:

Significantly Improved Performance

The implementation of WVD, Azure networking, and specific performance enhancements significantly improved infrastructure performance.

Lower Expenditures and Operational Costs

Embee delivered the most cost-effective solution via WVD. Automation reduced operating costs drastically.

Robust Security

Embee’s virtualized setup ensures that customer’s applications and data remain protected in the data center and no traces of information are left on vulnerable end-user devices.

Near-zero Device Dependency

Through app and desktop virtualization users gain secure remote access to the apps, desktops, and data across devices thereby increasing productivity and cutting down dependency on a single device.

Embee provides a wide range of solutions to enable seamless and cost-effective digital transformation for businesses. With 500K+ active seats on Office 365 and the experience of 120k+ virtual machines deployed and managed – Embee is your partner that can help you transition effortlessly. Connect with a team of certified experts to accelerate growth, design a future-ready strategy, increase savings, and amp up productivity. Bring out the best in your workforce cost-effectively with VirtuaPlace.

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