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A leading university improves classroom learning experience with a smart class solution

Our customer is a renowned educational institution of higher learning with a rich history of over 5 decades of teaching excellence. The institution operates out of 3 state-of-the-art campuses located in prime locations and focuses on arts, fine arts, and visual arts.

The Traditional Classrooms were Hampering the Teaching Efficiency

As a premier educational institute, our customer was mandated by the apex body governing educational facilities in India to leverage modern, technology-enabled solutions to enhance the classroom learning experience.

However, there were key challenges faced by most institutions including our customer that needed to be addressed:

A classroom experience stuck in the past

Our customer relied on the traditional chalk and blackboard form of teaching which was primarily a one-way communication with minimum interaction — a key to learning and growth.

Tackling absenteeism

Each student learns at their own pace which often compromises the education if the student is absent. He has no access to course material or class notes.

Less than optimal teaching efficiency

Each classroom enrolled 100 students. Due to the large number, there was minimum 1 to 1 interaction and education delivery was fair. More so, the teacher was not able to guide students individually.

To address the above shortfalls, our customer needed a modern video and audio enabled smart classroom solution that would improve the quality of education being imparted and follow the apex body’s guidelines.

Embee Implemented Smart Classroom Solutions for Modern Learning Environment

Embee is a front runner in smart-classroom solutions and one of the few providers in the country with relevant and proven implementation experience. The key features of our solution included:

Interactive projection

Embee implemented interactive projectors that could transform any wall of the classroom into an interactive touch panel. The facilitators used these projectors to showcase and interact with the content to provide a more immersive learning experience to students. This eliminated the dependency on chalk and board.

Smart Podiums

Smart podiums were provided in each classroom which included a high-quality microphone to amplify the facilitator’s voice and speakers. The facilitator would therefore not have to strain their voice and were able to improve their productivity. The podium also contained a built-in scanning

screen through which the professors could show pages / content from physical books and reading material in real-time through the interactive projector.

Smart cataloguing

Each session delivered was recorded and made available for students to view and download through a dedicated portal. This would include video recording, print materials, or board work shared by the facilitator.

Embee’s Solution Enabled the Customer to Enhance their Learning Experience

We worked collectively with our customer to deliver a modern, smart, and active learning environment for their students. Embee transformed 30 of the traditional classrooms into smart classrooms.

Improved faculty productivity

The smart audio-visual solutions addressed all basic faculty concerns such as providing 1 to 1 attention, being audible in the classroom, and managing notes and reference material. This improved productivity and resulted in quick adoption of the solution.

Modern, technology enabled learning experience

The multimedia solutions significantly enhanced the learning experience. It fostered logical and rational thinking and increased the student faculty interaction.

On-time curriculum completion

As all study materials were available on the portal, the facilitators were able to complete the curriculum on-time. The need to repeat classes did not arise.

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