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Leading Manufacturer of Grey and Ductile Iron Castings Streamlines Processes and Achieves Zero Downtime with Robust SAP Integration Solution from Embee

About the customer

Headquartered in Shiroli, Maharashtra, our customer is a leading name in the automobile industry, with product range including automobile, tractors, pump, other engineering components and sub-assemblies. They have capacity of 3000MT monthly production. With a robust infrastructure and large pool of engineers, application specialists and mechanics, our client supplies wide range of machined components to top OEMs across India.

Our customer’s challenges

Manufacturing Is a highly competitive industry where commendable efficiency and uncompromised performance being the key success metrics. Besides the ever-increasing pressure for quick turnaround times and competitive pricing, proper management of assets, utilization of resources and employee productivity are also critical factors that a manufacturing business has to consider in order to ensure profitability and business growth.

Our customer was unable to abide by these factors and achieve process efficiency as their state-of-the-art infrastructure was being restricted by disjointed manual processes, lack of centralized database and limited visibility into core performance. Some of the key challenges faced by our customer included:

Lack of inter-departmental and process integration

While most departments at the client’s end are dependent on each other, the lack of a robust integration system meant that processes in each department were operating in silos. While the client was using a legacy system, it was significantly outdated and did little to integrate departments. Moreover, there was no centralized communication- collaboration platform. Memo-based communication often led to delay and miscommunication. Recording data in silo within each department, with no arrangements for data reconciliation, led to duplication of data and errors in reports, especially as a sister concern of our client took care of all invoicing tasks.

Losses ensuing from manual data processing

Inventory management was critical. is an integral part of our client’s business. However, lack of a centralized database meant non-availability of inventory information in real time. Inevitably this led to over or under ordering. The former led the customer to incur losses while the latter resulted in delays in delivery timelines. Inconsistent delivery timelines were also hampering the reputation and growth of the business. In absence of a centralized database and regular data maintenance visibility into core processes got restricted, which in turn led to inaccurate or late decision-making.

Absence of measurement of asset performance

Overdependence on spreadsheets within each department created bottlenecks and delays. Unavailability of critical details like maintenance costs, depreciation value, repair costs and asset performance, in real-time, made it impossible for the customer to ascertain if an asset was performing optimally.

Solution offered by Embee

Upon identifying the customer’s main pain points, Embee recommended the implementation of a robust integration solution based on SAP Business One that would enable the customer to automate their processes.

The solution helped the client to achieve process and departmental integration, streamline inventory management. A GST-filing feature was also added to the previous solution when the new goods and services tax was introduced in the country.

Some of the key impacts of our solution included:

Departmental integration

The solution streamlined all the client’s business’ core processes and integrated all the departments. As a result, each department, as well as the management, now has complete knowledge about the progress of an order. Real-time data availability helped to reduce bottlenecks and improved delivery time. Empowered with real-time availability of data, the client can now conduct their own invoicing tasks without having to depend on the sister concern for the same.

Reduced data duplication and data-driven decision making. Automated processes and a centralized database eliminated the risk of data duplication. As data was stored in the same format across the organization, the reports were synchronized as well, As a result, it became easier for the management to make effective data-driven decisions.

Easy GST-compliance

Our emGSTR solution enabled tax-filing in the government prescribed format within the stipulated time by only click and go, saving valuable time and effort. a Quantifiable asset performance. Our client now has better visibility into the performance of assets, their expected lifespan and overall profitability to the business. This knowledge helps them to make necessary investments and divestments which ultimately leads to optimization of operational budget and end-product prices.

Improved scalability

By adopting an SAP Business One-based solution, the client has enhanced their workforce scalability. Now, with further expansion, the client can easily scale the solution to incorporate more employees and processes.

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