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India’s Largest Steel Manufacturer Secures Its Perimeters with an Automated Video Surveillance and Analytics Solution from Embee

Our customer, being a leading steel manufacturer was operating out of an autonomous space that contained several critical facilities – including a hospital, an airport and VIP residences which needed continuous monitoring to avoid any untoward incidents, including perimeter breaches, unauthorized entry, and anti-social gatherings.

Embee designed and implemented an all-inclusive video surveillance solution ensuring complete visibility into all areas on the campus. It also detects and raises alarms on all types of breaches and suspicious activities automatically. Additionally, the single dashboard-based visibility of the entire campus enhanced security and shortened security response times for the stationed personnel.

Lack of Surveillance Systems Resulted in Insecure Environments

Our customer’s primary manufacturing location is built as a small township, spread over 25,000 acres, with multiple critical facilities built within the organization’s campus and operated by the customer for self-sufficiency.

During our interactions the customer revealed that the inability of the security personnel to monitor all areas of the campus along with the delay in identifying and responding to dubious activities on campus and lack of a surveillance system were grave areas of concern.

Limited visibility and challenging terrain

The hospital and airport shared boundaries with public roads creating a constant threat of crowd gathering and unnecessary loitering. Additionally, the management feared dangers from angered mobs when nursing serious injuries. This led the customer to station a higher no. of security personnel thus increasing the cost without a 100% secured environment.

Unreliable response times

The customer relied heavily on its security personnel. The entire complex was secured by 25- 60 security personnel depending on the time of the day. However, the management feared their limitations. It was a challenging task to monitor each section of the campus concurrently. Additionally, if there were any intrusions in unmanned areas, the response time was higher, and execution was inefficient.

Inability to track vehicular and people movement

Though the security teams were deployed at all key areas including entry and exit points, they were unable to monitor and track people’s movement in real time effectively. These key shortcomings of the existing infrastructure compelled our customer to look for a more advanced, reliable, and real-time surveillance solution that could fulfil their exhaustive current requirements and be capable of scaling up for future expansions.

Embee Offered Video Surveillance Solutions for Better Visibility and Security

The customer had already identified the need to upgrade their current security and surveillance infrastructure. Their key ask was an integrated monitoring and alerting system that could assure them of having complete control over the management of their campus.

Embee architected a comprehensive solution with multiple tightly integrated components including a video surveillance system, a video management solution, and an analytics platform

The key highlights of our solution include-

Advanced video analytics

Previously, the customer would rely on its security personnel to identify and tackle any security concern. But now the newly deployed video analytics solution has sensor motions which pre-determines any security breach and alerts the team in advance to take the necessary action.

Embee configured the video analytics solution to define these activities and raise real-time alerts through customizable rules built within the solution. Some of the suspicious activities that our solution could identify include:

Crowding- Collection of more than a pre-determined number of people in an area, in this scenario 5 people in key areas of the hospital, would generate an alert.

Loitering- The systems would generate alerts if people were idling near the critical facilities longer than a pre-decided time.

Tripwire- The motion sensors embedded in the system will also alert the control center as well as the nearest security personnel for any unusual movement along with detect any activity in the prohibited areas.

Object left behind / removed

Presence of unidentified objects as well as removal of key infrastructure could be tracked automatically and would generate alerts for the security teams to take immediate action.

24 / 7 complete monitoring for all key areas

Embee deployed 115 high definition cameras, networking infrastructure and a robust video management solution to enable exhaustive monitoring of the customer’s entire campus.

The all-weather cameras enabled by high-fidelity wireless networking ensure uninterrupted footage capturing of all areas irrespective of tough weather conditions and nightfall.

Real-time alerts

Embee’s solution automated the surveillance and activity tracking process by generating real-time alerts to the centralized control center as well as to relevant workstations and mobile phones of key personnel responsible for security. This enabled the customer to respond to situations immediately and minimize the chances of unwanted property damage.

Centralized control center

Embee created a centralized control room for the solution based on a client-server model. All feeds from cameras at various locations are routed to the video management server(s) in this room and further related to relevant localized control centers. This simplified solution management as the entire video surveillance hardware and software could be controlled from on single location.

The Customer Reduced Surveillance Expenses by 60% with Embee’s Video Solutions

Embee worked closely with the customer to lead the entire architecture and implementation of the surveillance solution. We recommended a hybrid wireless solution which shortened delivery time by up to 1 year, and helped the customer also drive capital infrastructure savings.

Upfront and long-term cost savings

Embee’s automated solution enabled the customer to reduce the number of security personnel required to monitor all key locations from over 60 to less than 30. Security teams are now stationed at respective control rooms and can respond quickly to the automated alerts generated by the system. This allowed our customer to reduce their surveillance expenditure by up to 60%.

Continuous, absolute monitoring

Embee’s solution using 115 state-of-the-art cameras, robust video management software and analytics-based workflows ensured that the customer had a complete and uninterrupted view of their entire campus and its vicinity – minimizing the possibility breaches.

The system was also capable of dealing with rough weather as well as poor lighting conditions. The new system enabled complete monitoring, simple video feed transfer to the centralized control center, and customized alerts to relevant stakeholders made the process simple and productive.

Minimal disruption

Embee’s solution was designed to cause minimum disruption and intrusion. To avoid the time and cost that would have to spent in the laying of fiber-optic cables, Embee designed a one of its kind videos over Wi-Fi solution that was implemented in just 6 months. Since the new solution with advanced analytics capabilities was able to constantly monitor against dubious activity without the presence of physical security, the disruption caused to end users was also eliminated.

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