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A finance bank boosts collaboration & productivity while meeting all the compliances with O365 Solutions offered by Embee and Microsoft

Our customer is a new age bank that gives children, youth, families, and businesses across India a new way to the bank. In their time as a microfinance company, they silently went about enabling livelihoods and elevating lives. Today, as a small finance bank, they are also going about changing the very way banking is imagined, delivered, and experienced – with trust being the key driver.

Embee helped the customer build secure email and collaboration solutions for better productivity and communication among teams including frontline workers. With our deep technical expertise, we help businesses reduce operational expenses involved in managing IT, attain guaranteed round-the-clock availability, instilling a great deal of security and allowing them to focus on strategic engagements.

Embee offers an entire suite of security to ensure a reliable, scalable, and modern IT foundation for your business to help you grow your business grow quickly and cost-effectively.

Legacy systems that eclipsed the security and robust collaboration

Our customer wanted to bring all their 19000+ employees on a single platform for better collaboration, communication, and security. They also wanted a solution which can help them meet security and compliance policies of banking sector.

They were using Zoho Email earlier but didn’t have any collaboration system in place. So, there was a pressing business need for a secured, robust, secure, scalable, and integrated e-mail and document management system.

Some of the primary challenges being faced by our customer included:

Complex and cumbersome management

Incompatible mailing solutions led to operational issues in file sharing, formatting, mail receipt, etc. This impacted the productivity of the workforce and would lead to delays in routine work.

Limited storage

The existing solution had a limited storage allowance. Employees would have to constantly delete e-mails, which resulted in data loss.

Lacking mobility

Incompatible across various devices – severely limiting productivity on the go.

Lack of data security

The existence of multiple email services in the system made it impossible to implement central levels of security functionalities such as file-level policies, multi-factor authentication, and user-level permissions. To clear up their mail accounts, employees were storing heavy attachments locally – this made them more vulnerable to theft and espionage.

Fractured collaboration

The lack of document standardization as well as a unified communication solution made collaboration very difficult – resulting in wasted time and productivity.

Embee Implemented M365 Solutions to enable enterprise-level communication and communication strategy

In order to help leadership of our customer make confident decision of moving to O365, Embee offered 90-day free trail of Office 365 for 90 days. We also delivered multiple sessions on the security & productivity features of O365 to enable the customer to move to an enterprise-level communication and collaboration strategy.

Some of the key features of the solution include-

  • Microsoft Office 365 for all 19500 Users.
  • Combination of Enterprise Plans (Office 365 F3, Office 365 E1 & Office 365 E3, Office 365 Apps for Enterprise) according to the user’s needs & level.
  • We offered O365 F3 for the frontline workers & provided standalone plans of Office Apps (O365 Apps for Enterprise) & Office 365 E3 to a few users who required offline version of Office Apps
  • We also gave them the option of yearly subscription where they can downsize the licenses number as per the need during yearly anniversary.
  • Microsoft Enterprise Agreement for 3 years.

Embee’s O365 Solutions powered by Microsoft Streamlined User Experience, Improved Productivity and Boosted Security

Embee’s solution enabled the customer to move from a restrictive mail environment to a fully featured O365 system for better productivity and management.

Some of the key benefits delivered include:

Improved productivity

O365 helped employees get access to all commonly used mail features irrespective of their device, location, or network. A large storage quota associated with each account improved productivity as employees would not need to spend effort in deleting emails and storing attachments offline.

Better collaboration

Microsoft Teams enabled instant communication – eliminating time delays in execution and decision making. OneDrive and SharePoint enabled easy document sharing -further enhancing document security and real-time collaboration.

Secure Data Storage and Backups 

They can store big files and data easily on the cloud without putting any load to the internal systems.


O365 met all their requirements in term of Compliance, Security & productivity features.

Considering that e-mail and communication is such a vital function for any modern organization, our customer was not able to halt operations for the migration to the new system. Embee conducted an in-place migration for the customer with no downtime in working hours. To make the transition seamless, Embee also conducted 1 on 1 workshop for the administrators and trained the end-users.

We can provide similar solutions to all Banks & financial organisations, where the data is a primary asset for them, and it needs to be protected and accessed through a secured platform. Following are a few banking customers who have opted for O365 solutions by Embee and Microsoft.

  • SBI
  • Axis Bank
  • YES Bank
  • Federal Bank
  • Bajaj Finserv

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